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Making an Automotive Chatbot in 5 Minutes



Sales are important to any business cutting across industries, geographic, size with a shrinking economy and fiercer competition makes it important for the brands to find new ways to acquire customers. Days are long gone when customers would be found walking in at a store and getting their queries answered by a smartly dressed salesman. Now, consumer behavior is evolving as the internet is becoming the focal point of interaction between them and the brand.

Chatbots as sales Agents!

Online Sales are getting bigger and bigger by every passing day with brands and businesses understand the vast potential of the online world. People are spending hours browsing websites and downloading apps to connect with their favored brands and business. So the question for the businesses is- How you engage the online audience and pitch their products and services to them? The answer is plain and simple. Deploy Chatbots. Drive Growth!

A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that does personalized conversation with an online visitor user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone. Chatbots would engage the online visitor in the form of either text or voice. The chatbot would be key to translating website traffic into leads by helping the visitors find different products and services.

Automotive Businesses needs to be active 24/7 and be ready to engage the visitors who will be navigating the websites from around the world. So, having chatbots would be an asset for the business owners to engage with the visitors and provide them relevant information about the different products and services. Instead of having the visitors navigate the website for information, Chatbots would provide the customers with swift answers. This helps you in acquiring new customers and

Potential customers who arrive at your website already have the option of navigating its webpages themselves. The only reason they’d prefer to talk to an AI bot instead, is that it’s easier to get information and answers through a simple one-on-one conversation. The Chatbots would guide the visitors to the various car segments on the website and help the automotive businesses in getting the required contact details so they can arrange a test-drive.

Businesses deal with high price ticket range in the car section and it makes sense to not lose even one prospective lead. Chatbots is active round the clock and would engage with the visitors to generate leads which would be contacted by the Salespeople later.

So Time’s here now for the Businesses to deploy Chatbots and increase sales and revenue by acquiring customers.

Future of Automotive Industry!

Let’s make a Chatbot in 5 Minutes for automotive businesses that can start engaging the online visitors.

Use the IntelliTicks Platform Now!

No Coding Required!

Drag and Drop!

Free Trial!

Free Plan!

All with the IntelliTicks-AI Chatbot Platform with human take-over. Website bots or FB Messenger Bots! Everything is here at one Click. Read the below guide and start engaging your visitors!

Solve customer queries to generating leads! IntelliTicks Platform is suited for your needs.

Time to open your laptop and make a visit to the IntelliTicks homepage and create your free account.

After signing up, log in the dashboard and access the admin console.

Go To AI-Builder and click create Playbook

*The Highlighted Box is AI Builder.

There are several pre-designed Automotive Templates and Pick the one which suits your business needs and requirements:

After clicking it, the playbook builder opens up and you can start customizing it as per your needs and requirements in the builder section.
Test the Flow on the same page by clicking the test now button at the bottom of the page.

It will become the default playbook that will get triggered on every page of your website.

To deploy, copy and paste the snippet below into the <head> tag of every page in your site.

In case, you want to know more about Chatbot integrations and technicalities, you can refer to the documentation.

If you want to further customize the Chatbot or add integrations like Zendesk or Zapier, get in touch at

Read more about IntelliTicks Chatbot Platform Features

Free Trial and Free Plans for organizations looking to deploy Chatbots.

Read more about Chatbots at

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