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Chatbot Development Case-Stories: Part 1


Mofidul Alam

These stories are interesting, weird, and real. Learn it when I do it.

Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Unsplash

After trying with many chatbot developers, one of my clients came to me with a really weird problem about his chatbot. He created a QR code triggered chatbot that asked customers to leave a review about the product they purchased.

He just did everything right. He developed the chatbot to collect the review, added a good punch line and a clear instruction on how to scan the QR code, printed the QR code with his logo, and distributed it with all products among the customers. All done!

Then he made a mistake. A serious mistake!

He deleted the QR code tool inside the bot accidentally. It was a sheer accident! It didn’t seem to be a big problem because another QR code could’ve been generated.

But in his case, the main problem was, he printed the QR code and sent out those QR code with his products to his customers, and the process was still ON. He couldn’t stop it then.

What was happening then?

His customers were scanning the QR code as instructed, but the chatbot was not showing up on their messenger. There’s no way to reconnect that QR code because each QR code’s unique and it’s deleted. The code absolutely didn’t exist in chatbot.

What to do? my client asked.

I asked my client to tell me what was happening then in detail. Literally in detail.

He told me once. I heard.

I asked him to tell me again. He was telling me again. I was finding the doorway to the solution. My brain was recording and analyzing every bit of his information.

He was telling me that customers were scanning the QR code and getting no response.

Client: “My customers are scanning the QR code.”

Me: “How did you know your customers are scanning the QR code?”

Client: “Because I am getting the blank responses in my messenger that my chatbot is leaving for my customers.” (important information, I noted.)

He was describing everything repeatedly that was happening. I was failing to find a clue.

On 4th time. he suddenly added a new information. .

Me: “Wait. What did you just say? Your customers were sending you messages?”

Client: “Yes. But I don’t like it.”

Me: “Your problem can be solved!”

Client: “Really?”

Me: “Yes.”

I was confident because I knew by then that the problem could be solved.

How did I solve it?

I set a Default Reply with everything that the QR code was built for. I set the Default Reply to collect the review from customers. So, when customers were scanning the QR code and they’re sending messages, the Default Reply was activating the bot to collect review of the product and customers were giving review for the product.

In solving problems, give emphasis in listening.

Always listen for several times because when we talk, we don’t give all the information. We DELETE, DISTORT, GENERALIZE. When we talk, we skip many important information, we distort the actual information and we generalize the situation and don’t tell every information about the situation.

Asking to repeatedly describe the situation helps it come up with detailed information. Next time, you try it!

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