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Use cases of Chatbots for Real Estate Industry



Chatbots is one of the fruits of technology and it offers a seamless experience to the customers who want to navigate websites and know better about the product/services on offer.

Chatbot Use Cases for Real Estate

This is 2019 December and the year is closing soon, signaling the end of a decade yet giving us optimism that technology is going to rise further and help the companies in accelerating their growth. Technology is now a part and parcel of every business growth strategy and one hopes and believes it will help the customers far better. Chatbots is one of the fruits of technology and it offers a seamless experience to the customers who want to navigate websites and know better about the product/services on offer.

The real estate industry isn’t stranger to Chatbots considering the other verticals and industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, retail or hospitality in key parameters like ROI and customer engagement. Bots are well and truly poised can help in companies such as real estate as well.

Be it a real estate agent or a customer, chatbots in real estate prove to be of assistance to both when it comes to saving time, money and additional resources.

Real Estate firms get a lot of traffic due to their online and offline ads and engaging the visitors would be on the priority list. Chatbots helps do that efficiently 24/7 and offer information about different product/services. Providing the right information swiftly to the customer helps the real estate firms in acquiring customers easily. If the firms are able to provide information and help customers around the clock, this leads to a sense of satisfaction among the returning customers leading to a far greater chance of customer retention.

Customer Acquisition with Chatbots

Hiring human agents to engage with the customers is an expensive and arduous task in itself. Training agents would be a time-consuming activity while with high attrition in employees churn, training chatbots to handle the queries would be far easy. Chatbots would handle the repeated queries easily while transferring the conversation to human agents in case of a complex query. Now, businesses can employ select few employees to handle complex queries.

AI Chatbot Platform

Let’s create a Real Estate Chatbot in 5 Minutes with the IntelliTicks Chatbot Platform. It’s an AI platform with a human takeover.

Features of IntelliTicks AI Chatbot Platform:

We will take some prominent use-cases of Real Estate Chatbot-

Lead Generation

Lead generating chatbots will automate the sales process and drive growth 24/7 especially when you’re offline and customers are visiting the websites at odd times.

Chatbots will engage the visitors and provide them accurate information about different products/services. Key to any customer acquisition be it offline/online is the prompt attention to their queries and helping get what they need. Chatbots are now virtual sales assistants who provide the visitors with information, engaging them and finally turning a user visit into a qualified lead.

Site Visit

Visitors often want to do a personal visit of the different residential properties before making a decision on the purchase. As the residential properties buying and selling involves a huge amount of money, customers would want to make thorough research before making a decision. Businesses can schedule site visits for the prospective leads using a chatbot and don’t need a human agent. Chatbots can automatically take requests from customers for Site visits and helps the customers in booking a slot for the site visits.

Customer Queries

Real Estate Business firms customers will have queries regarding the different projects or the properties they brought. Hiring a human agent to answer them is a tiring and expensive task for many. Better would be deploying a Chatbot to answer their queries effectively and swiftly. Chatbots can be trained to handle the repeated customer queries without any hassle and only transfer the conversation to a human agent in case of a complex query.

Loan and Finance Assistance

Customers who are buying residential properties often require a financial loan from banks in order to complete the buying process. Customers would often call up the real estate firms to understand the procedure and apply for the different loans/financial assistance. Chatbots can assist the customers in finding the various loans available for them and connect to the different financial institutions.

Handling Agent Queries

Businesses often get inquiries from Real Estate agents who want to work with them and collaborate together. The Agents can register on the website using the chatbots. Chatbots can engage the agents and help them in on-boarding on the business. Purely automated AI Chatbot like the above IntelliTicks is helpful in driving revenue and growth by adding real estate agents to the business sales process.

Plenty of other Usecases can emanate by using IntelliTicks AI Chatbot Platform.


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