Twitter Bot in Minutes with Azure


Step-5: Loop through results, Set Variables from JSON

Step-6: Execute SQL Query with set Variable

Add SQL server action, were going to query the DB for any row that has the timeStamp from the JSON here we insert our Variable into Query to make it Dynamic.

Query DB for Results with timeStamp

Step-7: Parse Query set Schema

The SQL Query returns the results in JSON so we can easily Parse JSON and understand if new timeStamp exists in the DB.

Parse JSON from SQL query

Step-8: Add Condition, find if Empty

Add Condition logic to determine if JSON result from SQL contains new value if it does not than we know its a new question since that timeStamp does not exist inside the DB. I simply check if ResultSets are not Empty.

Determine if DB contains new Values from JSON
Conditional logic to determine if to Post to Social Media

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