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Top 3 Messenger Chatbot of Banking and Financial Industry in Vietnam in 2018


Here is the result of a research in a total of 57 banks by experiencing their digital services, including both domestic and foreign banks, as well as some of the biggest consumers financial services companies, all licensed by The Vietnam National Bank.

Top 3 Messenger Chatbot of Banking and Finance Industry in Vietnam 2018

1. FE Credit.
2. Home Credit.
3. MoMo E-Wallet.

Plus 3 incredible instant reply (real people) on Messenger:

1. Timo Digital Bank.
2. VP Bank.
3. Citibank.

One of the job advertisements caused me some curiosity, so interestingly did I research their digital services, then all digital services of most of the biggest Banks and Financial Services in the industry. My main question was:

How many of them can be done online-only?

And because it’s fun & interesting to write about.

Top 3 Messenger Chatbot of Banking and Finance Industry in Vietnam 2018 isn’t my headline at the beginning.

Use 2 User Stories which are also my two most assumptions of not only the Banking industry but also in most other sectors.

User (1) who don’t have an account or have accounts in other services, they wanna learn more about the service/options from {{the target bank}} so that they can decide whether they will register/or-not a new bank account.

User (2) who are current customers, they wanna solve a specific problem or learn more about their benefits as fast and convenient as possible, so that they could continue their works.

Applying both hypotheses to all the contents of all services, including:

  • How was the traffic in the last 30 days? What are the sources, referral sites, search keywords, audiences, etc?
  • How are the websites categorized? Is it easy to find important information regarding each topic?
  • Are the services automated, currently? Can I open an account online-only?
  • Are websites mobile friendly? Do they have mobile applications? Etc.
  • Ranking of organic results. Type of keywords using. What keywords. Ranking their bid. Etc. Are those friendly, relevant and touch browsers’ need?
  • Are the direct Landing Pages clean and clear? Is it relevant to the paid search ads? Is the flow automated? Is the content of LP consistent with the Homepage? Etc.
  • Are their products and services information visible and accessible?
  • Languages, visuals, tones in each post, is it consistent, relevant, and is it personalized or empathize?
  • How long will comments, and inbox be replied? Is it automated or handled by a human? Can I apply for a new account via Social Media? Etc.

In summary, I was trying to rank these services of the Banking and Finance Industry in Vietnam by one main factor:

Can I have all I want through digital-only?

  • Most of the websites are not responsive to both 6-inch-or-more mobile/tablet environments. However, they are consistency in term of UIX, user flows across channels, and how they communicate.
  • Foreign banks or financial services tend to be more aggressive and proactive than the domestic ones, in term of how they approach customers online.
  • The more investment from the Vietnam Government that the business has, the more boring and lazy they are looked online. I think it is reasonable.
  • Etc.

But it can be seen that two biggest issues that make both Users (1) and (2) unsatisfied are due to they find the content is hard to find and understand, being distracted by irrelevant content during their sessions and their problems aren’t solved fast enough.

As are presented in their sites, all FAQ and policies have been translated and standardized into white papers that sometimes make their prospects feel wasting of time because of the long explanation, even it does necessarily be that long.

So that my research ends up with a ranking table of the popular digital communication tool by businesses in Vietnam. The Messenger of Facebook. And how it helps to achieve the initial goal of my tiny-&-fun research:

Chatbot has been mentioned as one of the hottest trends in the world in the last few years but is it popular now in Vietnam? & How were companies in Vietnam using ChatBot in term of enhancing their sales, marketing & services activities?

Meanwhile, it still gets some trouble while I am coming back for the second session with the Messenger chatbot of Home Credit and MoMo E-Wallet. It doesn’t have another “Get Started” as the beginning and consequently couldn’t even ‘wake’ the bot up by “Hello”.

On the other hand, FE Credit works perfectly well all the time. All pillar pages, subtopic content, and hyperlinks have been categorized and visualized so clean and clear that we (me, and I believe you will) can easily get the information via Messenger within 2 or 3 clicks. At the same situation, it would take more minutes to drive all the message’s flow with Home Credit and MoMo E-Wallet since both are making their bot more human.

In the end, all agree answering as similar to human do doesn’t help to solve customers’ problems, save time or make it more efficient.

Which bank are you using in Vietnam?

Would you like to send a message to your bank to ask for help? Why and why not?

Comment below if you think there are other chatbots that much better. Introduce any chatbot that you think it’s cool and helpful. Everyone will appreciate that. Help me share this article if you are also interested in the digital side of Banking and Financial Industry.

– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

It’s fair to say the statement “Top 3 Messenger Chatbot of Banking and Finance Industry in Vietnam 2018” should only be considered as one single opinion from me only. I don’t have the authority to judge any of these businesses. Chatbot Messenger also isn’t the most important thing of any of these firms in this industry. But it is also, however, the fact of what they are performing in the digital competition of Banking and Financial Industry in Vietnam right now.

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