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How Chatbots are Changing the Car Buying Experience


Giles Kirkland

Walking into a car dealership can be a thrill or a fright. While some car buyers love the challenge of “getting a deal,” others dread the hours the process may take and fear they will get “taken for a ride.”

The development of AI technology and chatbots help car dealerships warm-up standoffish customers, but who or what is behind the friendly face in the chatbox popup?

Car Dealer Chatbots — Saving Time & Frustration

Car buying has always been a very personal buying and selling experience due to the sizeable financial commitment and the intimate relationship we have with our vehicles. For most of us, our car is like our second home.

As car lovers, we’re all excited about new car technologies, like GPS, self-driving vehicles, and active park assist that makes parallel parking a breeze. But perhaps one of the new car technologies that we’re not yet truly appreciating is the car dealership chatbot.

Questions and indecision due to fear of not having the necessary information hold us up at the dealership. While most car salesmen are quick with answering our questions, it’s easy to get off on conversational tangents and end up with buyer’s remorse or getting stuck in a car that didn’t check off all the boxes.

Likewise, the fear of dealing with “pushy” salespeople who may not be as interested in putting us in the right car as they are with getting the highest commission can keep potential customers from walking through the door.

Now, customers can receive special offers, pre-qualify for financing, determine their current vehicle’s trade-in value, and schedule appointments all through the help of a friendly AI chatbot.

Benefits of Employing Chatbots for Car Dealerships

The use of chatbots on car dealer websites and social media sites allows consumers to ask all the right questions and receive information in a consistently friendly and helpful tone.

With the help of multi-node neural networking, a type of machine learning, chatbots are becoming more intuitive and ready with the answers buyers need instantly. When they’re fully informed, buyers will be ready to go into the dealership confidently, ready to buy.

Car dealerships benefit by streamlining the sales process, pre-qualifying customers, and creating relationships with them even in hours when the dealership is closed. Since most of us are comfortable with doing our own online research, native chatbots like Facebook Messenger are an ideal solution to catch buyers at the times they are most open to receiving information.

Combining the chatbot with remarketing technology creates an integrated sales funnel that can literally work for dealerships 24/7.

Geo-targeting and taking advantage of social networking data help identify ideal customers based on location, adapting to the customers’ needs, interests, tastes, and income level. This way, car dealers can deliver the right advertising message at the right time to the right people to close more deals in less time.

Giving a consumer exactly what they want for a price they are expecting makes the sales process easier for everyone involved. And when customer satisfaction is high, a dealership can benefit for years to come. For convenience to both car buyers and car dealers, the chatbot may be one of the most stress-relieving new car technologies of them all.

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