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Is Chatbot Better Than Email Marketing?


For better understanding about how chatbot does way more than we think.

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

I found many of my clients confused about chatbot and its functionality. When I asked them why, they said because they didn’t know much how chatbot worked. “Is it as good as email marketing?”

Lead/ subscriber management: Both the email marketing system and chatbot can capture leads/subscribers, and store it inside the system. Chatbot captures leads when your customer interacts with it. Email marketing, on the other hand, can capture leads when customers opt-in for newsletters or you upload the email list into the system manually.

Send promotional message to customers: Both the email marketing system and chatbot can send promotional/ non-promotional message to its subscribers.

Website integration: Both the email marketing system and chatbot can be integrated with your website, an effective strategy to convert your visitors into customers.

Social media ads/posts: You can create JSON ad with chatbot to reach billions of people on facebook and let your chatbot collect leads or sell your products. Email marketing system can be integrated with your social media channel including facebook page and instagram. When you create a campaign in your email marketing system, the same campaign will be posted on your facebook page and instagram the moment your system sends out the campaign.

Ref URL: For Chatbot, You can create a ref URL that triggers a chatbot and promote it, while a ref URL for email marketing can be used to circulate a sign-up form that let people sign-up and email marketing system stores that email address and sends out newsletter automatically.

Landing page: You can create landing page inside your email marketing system. Chatbot also lets you create landing page for you.

Automation: You can set automated message inside chatbot the way you do in email marketing system.

Drip campaign: You can periodically send message both in chatbot and email marketing system.

Opening rate: Chatbot’s message opening rate is higher than emails.

Segmentation: Both in chatbot and email marketing system, you can segment your customer list according to their interest, behavior and activity.

Multi-channel communication: It can be used for sending SMS and even email to customers right from the chatbot platform.

QR code: You can use a QR code for a chatbot to activate itself. Yes, a QR code followed by a chatbot is very popular among amazon sellers. They are sending a printed QR code with the product sold to their customers. When their customer is scanning the QR code, a chatbot is activated and offering coupon code for discount or asking for review for the product.

My next writing is about Chatbot vs. website, in which I will discuss how chatbot can do everything that you expect from a website. Happy chatbot!!

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