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Knowing More About The Rise Of Chatbots And The Expectations From It


Aurosikha Priyadarshini

There is no denying to the fact that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the concept of customer service, expectations, experience, and even the interface. In today’s world of business, these are some of the integral elements that ensure and also determines the success and growth of a business.

However, since the inception of AI, things have been dramatically changing. Along with AI, there has been a significant rise in chatbots and messaging as well, which once again ensures better customer service and a higher level of expectations.

A chatbot is a typical computer program based on artificial intelligence. This interacts with the user through two different means: a text or audio. Given the present scenario of the business world, it is hard to sustain and survive without chatbots. This is because this has become the norm of any ordinary business transactions today.

Chatbots were not around to help businesses serve their customers always. It was first intended by Alan Turing, an English computer scientist, in 1950! Turing delineated artificial intelligence test. He challenged his colleagues and students, saying that machines can think!

This test encouraged several computer scientists, including Joseph Weizenbaum, the creator of ELIZA in 1966. It is ELIZA that laid the foundation for creating chatbots and its structure that is used today. The structure included elements such as:

● The pre-programmed responses and

● All of the specific phrases.

● A.L.I.C.E, the language processing bot, designed in 1995 and

● Smarterchild then came in 2001, which is supposed to be the precursor of S Voice and Siri designed by SMS networks.

● Portal of Facebook, which is backed by Alexa.

According to research by Forrester, messaging is the most effective tool for customer service and ranks number one as a productive channel. This is preferred by most of the consumers all over the world.

Therefore, it is no wonder that small and big businesses are incorporating messaging functionality into their business marketing efforts and their CRM. The benefits that they enjoy include:

● Round-the-clock service, since chatbots are operational every day of the year for 24 hours a day

● Instant response, which enables businesses to provide immediate results to the contemporary consumers as expected

● Easy access through chatbots which is especially useful for the users who prefer to access everything from their mobile phone instead of the traditional phone inquiries and

● Chatbots can also increase sales.

It is not only the consumers who are benefitted from chatbots, but the businesses also benefit a lot from it.

● Chatbots Magazine finds that the incorporation of AI-enabled chatbot for customer support by businesses save them up to 30% of the cost. It also allows them to resolve issues promptly and respond to basic customer queries quickly.

● Another report by Juniper Research said that chatbots are primarily responsible for the business saving of more than $20 million, and that was according to the 2017 data.

● The PWC research showed, on the other hand, that more than 34% of business executives admitted that using chatbots helped them reduce their workload. It also enabled them to save a lot of time, which they can devote to create new business ideas that they previously had to spend to resolve concerns of their clients.

According to another report of an experiment conducted by HubSpot using Facebook Messenger to drive more and follow up leads to a specific event, it was seen that:

● There was a reduction in cost by a massive 477% in lead cost

● An increase of 242% in opens and

● 619% increase in click-through rates.

All these suggest that it is not at all a bad idea to include such technology in customer service. This will prove to be highly productive both in sales as well as in returns on investments because most of them can be integrated for free.

The business leaders use different messaging apps and chatbots. This is due to the simple reason that it helps in gaining more users as well as in screen time. There are several studies conducted that show that consumers do experience mobile app fatigue. Apart from a few exceptions, they are not much into it anymore, having nothing significant to expect from it.

One of the exceptions is the mobile messaging apps. It is seen that people are spending more and more time on different types of messaging apps such as:

● WeChat and several others.

There are several good and valid reasons for businesses to use chatbots on their messaging apps. This allows them to engage at a more personal level and scale with the users on the platforms where they spend a lot of time.

● These computer programs that use machine learning efficiently picks up on a specific conversation pattern and starts to mimic human conversation. This they do by reacting to the written and spoken prompts.

● It is possible by the users to connect chatbots to a large variety of different data sources through APIs. This enables them to quickly and effectively deliver information and services that are on-demand. This can involve anything from order requests to weather forecasts.

● The potential for chatbots is immense, and it helps in enhancing customer experiences. This is one of the most significant reasons that most of the companies bet on these chatbots and find a new and better way to interact with the consumers.

In short, these chatbots have made messaging more personal. It creates an initial appeal to the customers by offering them the ability to communicate through their mobile devices for free, which is much different from the SMS text message, which is typically charged as per the text. It is for this reason that the chatbots have gained in popularity, much more than other forms. The reason for its expansion and popularity is that it comes with a lot of cool features and connects people in the best way possible. The features include:

● Asynchronous voice messages

● Video conferencing and

● Sharing the current location of a user along with maps.

● Most of the users use these chatbots for having a one-on-one conversation, and therefore, they expect a more human and a more personalized form of interaction. This means that the brands now cannot follow the ‘one size fits all’ type of approach when it comes to messaging.

● Another good thing about this is that the customers appreciate such type of messaging not only because these conversations are more personal but also for the fact that brands cannot litter their screens with unwanted and unappreciated advertising.

It is all due to the advancement of technology that the chatbots offer such a vast potential and prompt and more dynamic solution. It provides a higher and clearer value proposition, which is why companies like use and suggest using these to the businesses.

Attitude towards bots of the businesses, as well as the consumers, are ever-changing and are becoming better and better. These factors ensure extensive use of it, which is typically found in two different types. These are:

● Customer-service bots that take over the human load in chat interactions by a significant margin for the businesses as well as their customers.

● Interaction bots that are specifically designed with an intent to provide the users with an extra channel for interacting with the business and for purposes that do not only involve customer service.

Therefore, the usefulness of chatbots cannot be ignored in a modern business where interaction with the customers is prime.

Author Bio –

Barrack Diego has worked as an editor and writer for more than 10 years. He enjoys mentoring young and upcoming writers. To find out more about chatbots, web design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Management, Business, UI/UX visit

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