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Big BIG Trade Event by Andy Krieger: 2020 Event Details



The Big BIG trade event by Andy Krieger and Fernando Cruz is set for February 19, 2020 at 8PM EST.

  • Name: Big BIG Trade Event
  • Creator: Andy Krieger
  • Date: February 19, 2020 8PM EST
  • Tagline: N/A
  • Slogan: N/A
  • Host: Fernando Cruz
  • Description: N/A
  • Cost: free live event format in online broadcast presentation
  • Goal: education on making short term trades and big trades with the market moves

Let’s review the Big BIG Trade Event with legendary moneymaker Andrew Krieger, who is known as one of the most aggressive traders in history and became internationally-recognized for ‘breaking the Kiwi’ where he netted $300 million in profits for Bankers Trust back in 1987.

Now, from starting picking his own stocks at the ripe young age of four years young, to working with George Soros’ Quantum Fund decades ago; Andy, who claims over the past 35 years has only had two subpar years, is finally resurfacing ‘after going into hiding and making billions’ to share his BIG Trade event details with the world.

Andrew, who has a decorated resume as a seasoned traveler to over 50 countries, traded in over 170 currencies and commodities in over 70 different markets, speaks multiple languages (English, Sanskrit, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew), played professional tennis in Europe, studied at University of Pennsylvania and got his MBA from Wharton, was an intern at JP Morgan, traded on the CBOE, was an options trader on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and worked at Saloman Brothers Foreign Exchange desk, believes this is the single biggest money making opportunity of the future and is stepping back into the spotlight for the first time since his infamous trade where he ‘broke the Kiwi’.

We will review Andy Krieger’s Big BIG Trade Event details where he believes there is an ‘unprecedented confluence of compression across multiple currencies’ where it’s ALL pointing to a big occasion set to happen in mid-2020, as well as his complete bio and story below. One other interesting caveat is many wonder if Andrew might be the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, but most of that is merely assumptions as no factual, concrete evidence is currently known to-date.

In a nutshell, the leaked insider intel regarding the Big BIG Trade presentation reveals two things about Andy’s new product release:

1) education on low-volatility markets for when make profitable short term trades
2) spotting the trends to make BIG trades when the market is jumping to make homerun plays

For those wondering what Andrew Krieger’s thinking, get ready for February 19th, 2020 at 8PM EST for a unique unveiling of the mysterious man whose trademark is known for making BIG trades in the crypto market, forex, equities and equity options.


To your average investor the name Andrew J. Krieger (or Andy as he is affectionately known as) may not mean all that much. However, anybody who has spent a considerable amount of time looking at the in-and-outs of this space, Andy is an economic pioneer —  to say the least. He, like many of his successful trader counterparts, is best known for taking advantage of artificially high pricing so as to push the market into a phase of correction. In this regard, it should be pointed out that Andy’s name will always be linked to what happened on October 19, 1987 — also referred to as Black Monday — the day when stock markets of the world’s leading economies crashed almost simultaneously.

What Krieger was able to pull off in 1987 has gone down in the annals of history as being a work of art and has made him one of the most influential financial figures of at least the last hundred years. However, before we get into the heart of the matter, it could be beneficial for our readers to get a bit of background on Krieger and how he got his start in the industry as the anticipation for his Big BIG Trade Event builds.

Top Traders of All Time: Modest Beginnings to a Finance Magnate

A quick look at Krieger’s educational history shows us that he graduated from Wharton School of Business (majoring in Sanskrit and philosophy). His interesting selection of subjects is now considered by many to be the thing that gave him his edge over the rest of the fray. With that being said, Andrew’s trading career really started when he became a part of the Bankers Trust in 1986. Prior to that, he had spent some time working for the Saloman Brothers —  where a lot of traders believe Andrew learned the basics of the game.

Within the span of a few months, his reputation grew rapidly amongst big market players as being an extremely aggressive trader. His seemingly ruthless trading strategies were considered to be too risque but once the rewards started flowing in, the folks over at Bankers Trust started to see that there was something truly special about Andrew and the way he worked. As a result, the Bankers Trust managing committee soon increased Krieger’s trading limit from $50m (which was considered the norm at the time for established prospects) to a whopping sum of $700m. To put things into perspective, that amount when adjusted for inflation to today’s rates works out to more than the collective GDP of some small countries.

Lastly, by the age of 32, Krieger had already become a name to be reckoned with and in 1987 he made the biggest deal of his life (an account of which has been presented in the different sections below).

Black Monday and its Aftermath

Black Monday (also referred to as the Great Crash of 1987) took place on the 19th of October, 1987. As mentioned earlier, on the day, the number of available stocks (in the NYSE) suddenly far exceeded the overall demand that existed in the market at the time. As a result of this, many markets across the globe began to crumble at an unprecedented rate. And while the root cause for this downfall is still up for debate to this very day, experts still find it difficult to come to a consensus as to what really happened on that day.

Some of the reasons that many believe may have contributed to the crash include:

  • Computerized orders: Also referred to as programmed trading, it is a concept that makes use of digital algorithms to speed up the process of stock selling. However, the idea was still new back in 1987 and it is thought that at the time the total volume of sell orders majorly overwhelmed the automated system that was being used by the NYSE.
  • Market Psychology: A number of people in hindsight believe that manipulation of market psychology may have caused the events of Black Monday to unfold. In this regard, it is said that the onset of the dramatic dip in the market set in motion a relentless selling frenzy.
  • Portfolio insurance and Insider Trading: It is believed that the 80’s craze of portfolio insurance could have played a major role in increasing the risky behavior of many traders working at the time. Not only that, many analysts suspect that insider trading could also have played a role in contributing towards the crash since the market rose back up quite dramatically shortly after the downturn had taken place.

What did the US economy look like prior to Black Monday?

For a short period of time before the crash of 1987, the US economy had already started to exhibit signs of slowing down. Additionally, the Friday before Black Monday, the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) lost a whopping 100 points within the span of a single day. And while the event was considered to be serious by many, nobody could anticipate that just a few days later the market would be completely brought down to its knees.

A detailed account of the day

Early on Monday the 19th of October 1987, the effects of the crash started to become increasingly visible to everyone across the United States. Within a couple of hours, the effects of the downturn started to spread to a number of European countries as well as certain Asian countries that had strong trade links with America.

With the US stock market tumbling at such a crazy pace, traders could not understand the reason for such a drastic reversal of fortunes. At the time, many traders were flooded with market orders that they could not fulfill. As a result, many of them stopped their activities completely. Also, it should be remembered that back in 1987, completing market orders was way more complicated and lengthy when compared to today.

By the time Black Monday came to a close, the NYSE had dropped by staggering 508.32 points — a number, which by today’s standards, may not seem to be all that much but at the time looked absolutely insane. Additionally, on average, stock value quotients across the globe dropped by 40%, thereby setting the record for the “largest one-day percentage decline of the DJIA” — losing more than 22% in value (which was worth nearly $500 billion dollars at the time).

Following the event, many economists were convinced that the United States economy would be propelled into a serious recession that would resemble the Great Depression of 1929. However, that was not to be the case and the US economy went on to correct itself quite rapidly a few days later.

How does Andy Krieger factor into all of this madness?

As with a number of other clever traders and strategists, Krieger too was able to spot a massive opportunity around the time when Black Monday was on the horizon.  For example, when the value of the US dollar started to plummet, many investors started to look for safe havens to store their funds until the entire episode was done with. In this regard, many traders started to buy foreign currencies that they believed would survive the crash and come out in better shape. Krieger too recognized this and saw that if he was able to invest big in a currency much smaller than the USD, he could not only weather the storm quite easily but also emerge as a potential multi-billionaire after the conclusion of the ordeal.

In Krieger’s estimation, the New Zealand dollar (NZD) was particularly overvalued at the time and was quite prone to collapsing. Thus, with one quick swoop, he proceeded to use his massive purchasing power to bear in on the relatively unknown currency — with many people suggesting that Andrew was pretty much working with more NZD than the country even had in print at the time.

From a technical standpoint, we can see that Krieger used a financial leverage of 1:400, thereby setting in motion one of the most novel trading strategies ever known to man. As was to be expected, soon after the plan was executed, the NZD went down by 5% only to rise up by 10% by the end of the day. It is estimated that Andrew was able to complete the aforementioned trade for anywhere between $220 million to $300 million, however, there are others who believe that this number could have easily been in excess of the $1 billion mark.

Soon after the deal was pulled off, a number of other traders followed suit, thereby causing New Zealand’s economy to slip at an accelerated pace. Things came to such a point, that the governor of New Zealand’s Central Bank had to contact the Bankers Trust where Andrew was working at the time asking him to stop trading the NZ Dollar any further. However, this request was blatantly ignored and Krieger continued with his activities as usual (since technically speaking he was not doing anything illegal).

As a result of his trade tactics, New Zealand ended up becoming one of the worst-hit countries of the crash — with the nation’s stocks falling by a gargantuan 60%. Following the event, it took the nation’s economy many years to recover, especially when compared to the United States and other European nations (that too were affected by Black Monday).

After the conclusion of all the madness, it is believed that an extremely meager share of the profits (touted to be around 1%) was given to Krieger by the top brass of the Bankers Trust. As a result of this, he swiftly tendered his resignation and left the company in search for newer, more greener pastures.

What happened to Andy following his Black Monday escapades?

After having executed one of the most daring and outlandish forex trades of all time, Krieger never really made an exchange of such mammoth proportions ever again. However, his one masterstroke is now firmly etched in the memory of many around the globe — with the Krieger vs New Zealand saga often being quoted as being one of the craziest trades to ever executed by many media outlets to this very day.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that soon after Krieger left Bankers Trust, the firm was never again able to really replicate such profit margins ever again. Not only that, within a decades time, the company had to be sold to Deutsche Bank — something that might have possibly happened because of Krieger’s replacements being unable to fully understand his complex and novel trading strategies.

Following his stint at Bankers Trust, Krieger was quickly hired by George Soros to work for him and his firm —  Soros Fund Management. Soros, who is widely recognized as being the world’s most famous investor and trader, then went on to use many of Krieger’s tactics in 1992 to destabilize the British Pound. As a result of his manipulatory efforts, Soros became known across Europe and America as “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England.”

To further elaborate on the matter, we can see that Soros, much like Krieger also recognized that the pound sterling was severely overvalued during the late 80’s and early 90s. Also, it should be pointed out that around 1991-1992, the United Kingdom had entered the ERM (European Exchange Rate Mechanism) under unfavorable terms, and thus the country was being faced with insane inflation and interest rates. To execute his grand plan, Soros proceeded to establish a huge short position against the pound — as a result of which he is estimated to have made more than £1 billion. In its essence, Soros’ move was basically a classic case of a trader uncovering artificially high prices and therefore exploiting them to make profits of mammoth proportions.

Following his stint with Soros and his company, Krieger then proceeded to create two firms of his own — Northbridge Capital Management Inc. and Krieger & Associates Ltd. Additionally, during the early portion of the 90’s Krieger wrote a tell-all book called  The Money Bazaar: Inside the Trillion-Dollar World of Currency Trading, in which he clearly outlined the various ways in which business Moghuls (such as the Rothschilds, Soros, etc) routinely manipulate and control the value of the world’s currencies.

Since the turn of the millennium, Krieger has been mostly known for his philanthropic efforts. For example, following the destruction caused by the 2004 tsunami, he donated a total of $350,000 to the victims who were affected by the natural disaster. Also, it should be pointed out that sometime during the late ’90s or early 2000s Andrew along with his wife Suri helped create the Karma Foundation, which aims to educate individuals with physical and mental impairments absolutely free of cost.

Andy Krieger’s story should serve as a lesson for every trader

While it is true that the techniques employed by Krieger back in 1987 were far ahead of the curve, in hindsight we can sit down and easily analyze the various technicalities employed by him with such great effect. In this section, we will look at some of the key elements of Andrew’s trading strategy that have made him a legend in the minds of investors and traders all over the world:

  • Timing: One of the things Andrew always got spot on when making his deals was their timing — i.e. when he should enter and exit the market.
  • Future Readiness: Foresight is touted to be one of the skills that all currency traders need to possess or at least develop. In Andrew’s case, he was quick enough to realize that there will always exist national currencies that are overvalued (and thus can be taken advantage of).
  • Clear Headedness: Around the time when Black Monday brought the US stock market to its knees, Andrew was able to keep his composure and able to spot a lucrative opportunity to make money despite the conditions at large being largely unfavorable.
  • Risk Mitigation: All of the decisions taken by Krieger in 87 were executed only after he had performed a careful risk analysis of the matter.
  • Sourcing Leverage Opportunities: Even though leverage comes with its fair share of risks, it serves as an excellent tool when one knows they are bound to make a profit.

In essence, we can see the single most important lesson that one can learn from Krieger’s way of operating is how important it is to conduct ‘fundamental analysis’ before executing a deal. For example, Andrew had gotten access to all of the right information that told him about the financial status of various multiple international currencies that influenced his decision.

With that being said, most successful traders know how to source risky ventures and execute big payoffs much like how Andrew did in his heyday. Also, it bears mentioning that the stock market at large has remained in a precocious position since the early 2000’s and many experts believe that what happened back in 1987 could once again be repeated in the coming few months or years. Thus, it could be useful for finance geeks and casual traders to learn a trick or two from Krieger’s book so as to not be fazed by any market pressure that may come their way during times of financial hardships.

In the end, with the right mindset, trading knowledge and overall mentality anyone can strive to become as competent as Andy.

Big BIG Trade by Andy Krieger Recap

We will update our Big BIG Trade review with more information once Andrew releases the details. While we just published our 2020 crypto event calendar for  the best conferences to attend this year, for now, join our email list below and bookmark this resource for once the time comes we will share all of the details on how you can look over the shoulder of a trading legend and see where he is placing his bets in 2020 and beyond. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a bonafide trader with decades of winning experiences, strategies and knowledge that anyone will benefit from during his free BIG Trade presentation announcement.

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