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Jetinar by Teeka Tiwari: Review the Crypto Event Details



Teeka Tiwari’s Jetinar: Live Crypto Event from a Private Jet

Teeka Tiwari’s Jetinar event is trending in demand as the most-anticipated free live broadcast in 2020.

Many cryptocurrency advocates, enthusiasts and even maximalists wonder when the price of bitcoin will moon again. Well, the news may be sooner than you think, as Teeka Tiwari is chartering a private jet and heading off to an undisclosed location (the moon?) as part of the last leg of his world tour visiting all of the major global hotspots where cryptoassets are booming.

And yes, Teeka, known as the most trusted man in cryptocurrency, literally invented his own word in honor of Palm Beach Confidential Group’s latest upcoming cryptocurrency-centric webinar called the “Jetinar”.

For those who haven’t caught the origins of the name, it’s essentially Teeka’s way of saying the Crypto Oracle is hosting a live webinar event on a private jet come March 18, 2020 at 8PM EST.

While our Master The Crypto family needs no introduction for the man, myth and legendary big league bitcoin price shot caller, we wanted to provide the latest 2020 guide on Palm Beach Confidential’s new research report being released on the Jetinar crypto event where Teeka Tiwari will be hosting the first-ever webinar on a Gulfstream G5 jet while traveling to an undisclosed location (we have a reason to believe we know where this is based on the research we conducted but will save that for the conclusion down below).

While details are limited, here’s the top-level information available all interested spectators need to know:

  • Name: Jetinar
  • Creator: Teeka Tiwari  (Nickname: The Crypto Oracle)
  • Date: March 18, 2020 8PM EST
  • Tagline: “A meganar 35,000 feet above ground”
  • Host: Fernando Cruz
  • Description: Teeka’s latest Palm Beach Confidential research report is being introduced on the Jetinar
  • Destination: visiting the ‘Mecca of Cryptos’ on a private plane, revealing his best crypto coin analysis
  • Cost: free live event broadcasted from his chartered private jet, free to watch, listen and learn
  • Goal: share newest insights on top altcoins and crypto market forecasts, including bitcoin price predictions

Mr. Big T, or affectionately known as The Crypto Oracle, is no stranger to sending massive shockwaves throughout the growing blockchain community for his ground-shifting Palm Beach Confidential research reports that paint out an accurate, timely and profit-driven strategies to his subscribers.

Teeka’s Jetinar is shaping up to be a must-see spectacle if you are involved with cryptocurrencies in any capacity. Combined with the bitcoin-led bull market enthusiasm and excitement, Mr. Tiwari has been successfully calling the bull and bear markets since 2016 for not just bitcoin, but ethereum and many other altcoins who are now in the top 20 in 2020. The Crypto Oracle is easily one of the top most influential leaders in all of bitcoin and blockchain, and is now taking his message to the moon via a private jet and bring it live for all of us to tune in and see come March 18th.

We will update our review of Teeka Tiwari’s Jetinar cryptocurrency event once all available details, dates and times are made available. For now, it is extremely important to get to know the man who was buying bitcoin at $420 BTC/USD and recommending his readership to buy ethereum (ETH) under $10. Until Teeka starts making airwave headlines from his private Gulstream G5 jet, here is a detailed history of Tiwari’s decorated past to get an idea of who he is, how he works and why he is among the leaders when it comes to sharing timely analysis and giving hot-seat insights on recommendations to put your money in the wild, volatile, often very unpredictable crypto market.

Who is Teeka Tiwari?

who is Teeka Tiwari

Tiwari’s business background is quite interesting, with many online media outlets claiming that he got his start in the industry at the tender age of 18 working for Lehman Brothers — one of the world’s largest financial groups in the world pre-2008. Within a couple of years, Teeka swiftly rose through the ranks at his firm and was able to become its youngest-ever Vice President. However, even though corporate success came in abundance, Tiwari failed to amass a major fortune for himself around the aforementioned period.

Also, at this point in the article, it is worth mentioning out that Teeka arrived in the United States at the age of 16 with less than $150 worth of clothes and cash on him. Before that, he had spent a lot of time in different foster homes across the United Kingdom, being faced with various hardships that usually come as a result of such an erratic lifestyle.

By the time he turned 20, Teeka was able to not only get himself affiliated with several big-name players in the market but was also able to climb the corporate ladder at a pretty consistent rate.

Mr. Big T’s Background: A history of Bold Predictions

As mentioned earlier, Teeka had predicted back in 2016 that Ethereum — a crypto asset that was relatively unknown at the time — would scale up to a price point of $360 within 18 months or so. Little did he know that not only would his prediction come true but the digital currency would scale to around the $1K mark by the beginning of 2018.

With that being said, before making the aforementioned prediction, Tiwari had also made some other bold proclamations regarding the forex sector. For example, he was able to correctly pinpoint in the mid-’90s that in the year 1998 the Asian stock market would crash and remain in a slump for a considerable amount of time.

In this regard, it needs to be pointed out that it was around this period, that Teeka was able to amass a massive fortune for himself, however, in his own words, his greed eventually got the best of him — which resulted in his downfall.

Lastly, he also claims that as a result of his incessant urge to make money, he not only ended up financially shattered but also had to forego his possessions and file for bankruptcy. Following this phase in his life, Tiwari wrote in a blog that he had decided to get his act together and become a risk management expert. As a result, throughout the next couple of years, he turned things around for himself in a big way and was able to start his very own hedge fund within a few years.

Back to mainstream success

After experiencing a period of intense financial hardship, Teeka started to lay a lot of emphasis on the concept of risk management with his clients. In his view, risk management should always be one of the main priorities for investors looking to succeed in the market.

With that being said, Tiwari now routinely provides in-depth insights to a host of businesses (both big and small), routinely appearing on various mainstream media outlets and shows such as:

  • Fox News Channel
  • CNBC
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Additionally, during the first half of the 2010s (’13 to be exact), Teeka became a part of the Palm Beach Research Group where he took over duties as the co-editor of The Palm Beach Letter. Owing to the widespread reach of this financial periodical, Tiwari was able to share his wealth of financial insights (wealth management and risk management tips in particular) with more than 180,000 subscribers based all over the world. Not only that, as part of the newsletter, Tiwari can share several principles and insights which he has employed to amass his massive cryptocurrency fortune (that too within a period less than five years).

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Products and Services List

teeka tiwari palm beach confidential

The Palm Beach Letter

As mentioned in an earlier section, The Palm Beach Letter by Teeka and his team is the company’s flagship product offering. The goal of the newsletter is to help provide readers with a wide array of safe investment avenues — such as high dividend stocks, risk-free crypto assets. In addition to this, the Palm Beach letter also provides clients with advice regarding aggressive asset classes such as digital currencies and precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Once subscribed, users will also be provided with a detailed list of investment recommendations as well as stop-loss avenues that can help them maximize their short-to-long term investments. If that wasn’t enough, Palm Beach Group also delivers subscribers an all-in-one dashboard that allows them to track all of the recommendations put forth by Teeka and his team in an easy, simple fashion.

Last but not least, it also bears mentioning that Teeka’s periodical serves as an excellent tool for amateur as well as seasoned investors who may be looking to explore more unique investment avenues related to crypto, ETFs and other digital assets.

Palm Beach Confidential

jetinar palm beach confidential

As the name seems to suggest, Palm Beach Confidential is an exclusive service for clients that deals exclusively with small-cap commodities as well as digital currencies. To be a bit more specific, in regards to the aforementioned assets, Teeka only recommends options that have an overall market cap of $ 1 billion or less.

In this regard, it bears mentioning that Teeka was one of the first mainstream investment advisors to recommend crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo to his followers back when these coins were practically trading for a fraction of their current values. For example, back in 2015-16, Tiwari sent out a signal to his clients asking them to start investing heavy in NEO. Within a period of just a few months, the value of the crypto exploded and increased by more than 30,000%.

Lastly, according to Teeka, while some losses (both big and small) will be incurred along the way, it is of utmost importance that subscribers adhere to a philosophy wherein they are not afraid to buy new altcoins as and when they are first released into the market via their respective ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Thanks to his forthright and overall no-nonsense approach to investing, Palm Beach Confidential has become one of the world’s premier cryptocurrency/small-cap advisory newsletters.

Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly

While in the conventional stock market, people can make money in two distinct ways — i.e. capital gains and income acquired through dividends, when it comes to the crypto market, dividends are more often than not received in the form of digital currencies themselves.

In this regard, it bears mentioning that Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly is a unique service that seeks to help subscribers not only source out crypto assets that are bound to increase in value in the short-to-mid term but also allows them to make money irrespective of the prevailing market conditions. The service is designed for casual crypto enthusiasts as well as experts who may have been operating within this domain for a considerable period.

Alpha Edge

Alpha Edge has been devised by former Wall Street executive Teeka Tiwari who through the medium of this program seeks to share with the world various novel strategies that he routinely employed when he worked as a hedge fund manager.

Palm Beach Quant

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Quant is in its essence a finance program based on quantitative trading that can help subscribers acquire a sizeable sum of money per month in an easy, streamlined manner. As part of the service, Teeka and his team make use of sophisticated algorithms to establish financial patterns (that are based on decades worth of historical price data) so as provide readers with accurate price predictions related to various stock markets. Not only that, but Teeka also provides each customer with specialized recommendations that help cap their overall downside risk.

Palm Beach Infinity

As the name seems to suggest, Palm Beach Infinity is a premium membership package that allows subscribers to gain lifetime access to all of Teeka’s various trading services. As part of the package, users will receive:

  • Specially crafted research articles and news pieces.
  • Novel strategies that have been devised by Teeka Tiwari and former Wall Street trader Jason Bodner.
  • Routine investment advice that will help readers maximize their returns.
  • Smart speculation tips that are based on a host of ideas related to crypto and traditional finance.

Simply put, upon subscribing to the Infinity package, users will be provided with each and everything that Palm Beach publishes — be it monthly issues, trade alerts, or special research pieces.

Palm Beach Daily

Touted to be the world’s only free e-letter that promises its readers assured riches, Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Daily is one of the best tools for crypto/forex enthusiasts to maximize their riches in the shortest time frame possible. Each edition of the newsletter is succinct and only carries with it pertinent information that will be useful to investors (irrespective of their financial stature).

What’s Next for Teeka Tiwari’s Jetinar?


In closing out this piece, it bears mentioning that while some people claim that Teeka and his tactics are scammy, there is no denying that his investment advice has helped a large number of individuals all across the globe. The name Teeka Tiwari has garnered a lot of mainstream attention over the last 5-6 years, primarily because the ex-Wall Street honcho was able to envision the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum back in 2016, with the latter rising from a meager price of $10 per coin to a staggering $360 within just 18 months of the prediction going live. And now he is back with the Jetinar webinar event where he is sharing his newest Palm Beach Confidential research report.

On top of being a truly one of a kind crypto exploiter,  Tiwari is also known within the global finance sector for his work as an expert analyst, professional risk manager, and investment advisor.

For example, a trader recently wrote the following review in support of Teeka and his work:

“I’ve been with Teeka for a few years now and am a member of the palm beach confidential and income. And I must say it is definitely worth it. The cryptos he is focusing on in the income service are coins that you can stake and earn rewards from And it is definitely working I personally own a few of them.”

With that being said, the final decision to invest in any one of Palm Beach’s products remains entirely up to you and you should do your fair share of research before investing in any of Teeka’s financial offerings.

The Jetinar event is all set for March 18th where Teeka Tiwari will be spilling the beans on the 2020 cryptocurrency world, along with bitcoin halving coverage and which altcoin to keep an eagle eye on as the new decade’s bull market beings to flourish. We will update our Teeka Tiwari Jetinar review as soon as more information is made available in the coming days and weeks about the highly-anticipated crypto event.

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