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5 Dead-Simple Ways Chat-bots Unlock The Path to Greater E-Commerce Sales


Evan Walton

Could you imagine walking into a store only to find no employees.

No one to talk to, and no one to help you find what you’re looking for or answer your questions.

The merchandise is just sitting there… and you’re expected to walk yourself through the much of the purchase process.

Sounds crazy right?
It is crazy — and it’s often the way online retailers run their e-commerce stores and businesses. They avoid building the infrastructure needed to really connect with their prospects, and drive their sales. This is because they neglect the impact of chatbots.

A chat-bot is a virtual sales associate that can be programmed to consistently help you build your business. Not using a chat-bot is like opening a store and never hiring staff. If your business is profitable without a chat-bot — then it will take off with a well implemented chat-bot.

Without going into crazy depth — I’ve put together a quick list of 5 ways a chat-bot can improve your business. And yes — those improvements will definitely lead to more sales! That’s what is all about after all, sales.

When a chat-bot can interact with your sites visitors before they leave your website — this will help keep them on your website and help you to reduce your bounce rate. So one really cool perk to using a chat-bot is it can help you improve your google ranking.

With chat-bot software you can interact with and guide prospects and visitors on your website. The key is to guide them toward the products and services you’re offering. Without a chatbot your website gives content. — With a chat-bot your website can become conversational.

Your website can literally come to life. Use your chat-bots to create the conversations with your sites visitors that will lead to sales. If you can learn how to do this you will see an increase in your revenue. Making your efforts to integrate and program a chat-bot an investment.

You build your list when you gather the information of those that visit your website. You need to gather someone’s name and their email address, and … if you can … and you’re really good with your marketing, their personal cell phone number.

If you can address and help overcome questions and objections before your prospects leave your website — and essentially give up and forget about you, then you’d be one step closer to the sale. This is one great way that chat-bots help online e-commerce stores grow their revenue.

This is an opportunity you probably would never have without a chat-bot. When you have the ability to be notified of these critical issue that prevent sales, you are then empowered to jump into action to provide value and assurance for your prospects. Yet again — this will help e-commerce businesses build their business and grow their sales. It would also help control the reputation of the businesses that implement them, by ensuring they are prepared to respond to any circumstance through interacting with their prospects.

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