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Use of AI-powered Chatbots in German Entertainment


Julia Beyers

Germany is one of the leaders in various sectors including the entertainment industry. The country’s filmmaking is a very promising field, while video gaming and online gambling are among high performers in the entertainment space. The revenue from gaming reached €4 billion in 2017 and saw a massive 9% surge in 2018.

The main reason for the rapid growth is associated with technological advancements. Particularly, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence and its implementation in apps, computer programs, digital tools, etc.

In 2019, the German government allocated €500 million to AI initiatives. With the intention to build a sound strategy for AI development, research, and application, the authorities are planning to invest a total of €3 billion within the following 5 years. This budget is intended for various industries, but entertainment will get a great portion of it. One of the fast-developing fields of AI that is already contributing to the industry progress is smart chatbots.

A conversational bot or AI chatbot is a software program developed for interacting with users through text messages. Chatbots are able to understand the conversational intent and simulate human-like communication due to machine learning, big data analytics, and other advanced technologies.

Today, AI chatbots have learned to process not only text messages but also other forms of data like audio and visuals. It has opened up new opportunities and new spaces for potential use cases. Bots can be used to personalize content recommendations, streamline communication, and more. Thus, there is a myriad of conversational AI bots available in the fast-evolving entertainment industry — from virtual assistants that help you pick music tracks to chatbots that help you master popular game titles.

Germany has a specific culture that combines old traditions with modern inventions. It has a tech-friendly landscape that contributes to the ubiquitous use of smart bots and virtual assistants. Therefore, many Germans use AI-powered chatbots on a daily basis. According to statistics, Germany takes third place in terms of chatbot use in the world.

Voice-based bots are growing into the mainstream as the voice recognition tech becomes more sophisticated. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are the most well-known smart assistants used by Germans. Alexa is, probably, more feature-rich than any other chatbot. It has over 30 thousand skills, which allow Alexa to complete various tasks. Thus, people use it to do shopping, run polls, listen to music or play karaoke. As for Google Assistant, it is generally used to get personalized news, suggestions and other forms of content. More entertainment companies now employ chatbots that process both text and voice-based commands.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most commonly used in the world, and in Germany, in particular. 23 million residents use the app regularly. Entertainment companies opt for this platform to interact with a large user base. Moreover, Facebook Messenger has become the major platform for chatbots. There are over 300 thousand active bots on the platform. Let’s look at some of them.


Gooster is a travel chatbot for Facebook Messenger that acts as a customer guide for German hotels. If you ask the chatbot about local food, for example, it will offer the list of the best places. It can also recommend great sights to visit. Moreover, Gooster helps to navigate around the country. This AI-powered bot gives urban travelers relevant tips and hints on the go through messaging.


Tokabot is an AI-powered platform that uses chatbots to interact with sports fans. It creates and delivers contextual interactive content on the basis of collected information. The platform responds to fan feedback and conducts real-time conversations related to sports. Additionally, Frankfurt-based Infront acts as the platform’s partner and introduces chatbot solutions to German customers.

Conversational bots have boosted the entertainment industry by delivering personalized content and improving the efficiency of communication. They are also good helpers in providing relevant information that users are seeking.

Chatbots are also used for broadcasting edutainment content to a large audience and enhancing the experience of each individual. Since AI bots are easily integrated into different platforms including popular social media and messengers, they ensure better engagement and increase click-through rates. Here are a few more benefits that users get when interacting with bots:

Smooth browsing. When using a bot, customers can access the necessary content in a hassle-free manner without doing much navigation. Smart chatbots enhance the quality of search results, and they practically eliminate the need for a manual search.

Personalized recommendations. By leveraging predictive analysis, chatbots provide relevant recommendations to users. Customers regularly interact with conversational bots and share the preferences with them. As a result, users receive appropriate recommendations regarding the content or product. Bots can indicate particular features that users like and prioritize options.

Notifications. Since chatbots understand and analyze user behavior patterns, they can send notifications on news, weather, events, and even the release of a new episode of your favorite TV show.

In fact, the research on AI capabilities started 50 years ago. But only now the world is gearing up for its implementation in real-life projects.

The future of the German entertainment industry is bright and chatbots are to take a major role in shaping it. Smart chatbots significantly reduce user service costs, as well as help customers stumble upon visual and interactive content they like in a matter of seconds. Using the power of smart bots, companies can diversify the range of offerings, deliver better user experience, and attract new consumers.

The number of AI chatbots will grow, and so will their complexity and a range of skills. With new software developments and advanced technologies, they will become more assistant-like. They will have a more sophisticated structure so people will assign more tasks to smart bots.

Although Germany is not the leader in AI implementation now, they are well on their way to it. And since German researchers are world-class it won’t take a lot of time to catch up with the leaders like the USA, Japan, and China.

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