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Chatbot flow and Step-In guide to your Business measures!


Monali Sharma

People are more often attracted to the rising trend of Artificial Intelligence seems like it has become a must-have functionality to increase the range of business.

The high number of active chats that people tend to have with any brand/service provider has increased in a way that one needs an active conversational person to keep the consumer satisfaction rate to a solid level. Companies, on the other hand, find unique ways to cope up with such issues with a varied range of conversational channels.

Solution at ease

From gathering chunk of queries to resolving them immediately without any hustle is the prime function of the chatbot.

Term Distraction or emotion for Chatbots, does it exist?

Humans might get distracted or bored but the scenario with chatbots is pretty clear and easy. These systems will never get worn out, exhausted or occupied. Not odd but an even choice of users where on the off chances as well chatbots wouldn’t be having any competition to its turnout and motivation.

How it works!

Chatbots carry a simple answer to taking care of multiple sorts of issues, particularly as for all intents and purposes each client assistance group can watch explicit examples and manners in their client care chronicles.

Identify and align your product/service tasks first

AI reduces the hectic and repetitive mode of queries of your channels. Automation is a must, you can get a chance to be everywhere or neither a place fixing is an active chance to reduce the chunk for the similar tickets, faqs. Wondering where to start?

Step 1: Hit your emails, archive chats of different applications or any other area to find the repetitive questions of your users.

Step 2: Pick one at a time and place it dedicatedly to chatbots all at once. Importantly don’t try to automate all your processes from customer support to higher roles of management all at once.

Step 3: Bots are versatile in nature such a high level of development in more ways and including subjects is never going to affect in anyways. Giving them a bit of your team burden will unburden to a range of around 30% of their checklists. A smarter decision is to have a chatbot that forms one undertaking very well at that point falling flat at 5 or more.

Step 4: Smarter gets better it is to resolve every bit of chunks that most of the companies have. [A must-have process]

  1. Time to Design your Imaginary Chatbot
  2. Pick that one task which can reduce the chunk of your business
  3. Choose the way of conversation: Creative Gifs’? | Catchy way of business cards? | Decent content? | Hyperlinked data? : Wish to see some unique pattern of work?
  4. Fix the place to go live within
  5. Pick best one-click integration like slack, Messenger and Live Chat OR a Widget that has custom options of colors, personalized avatar, bg image choices, and varied actions of the app
    [Note: Keep the nature of this widget and integration would behave differently while you integrate it in website]
  6. Create a custom template that inherits features of defined scenario, adds responses, actions. Save time and energize your work more efficiently
  7. Testing is a must-must unit plus don’t follow anything blindly: Breather In- Out and Investigate bugs on the right period by validating each and every use-case often
  8. To keep the work more fluent do make sure that you increase the staff and the overall process to a good level

Lastly, Learn & Apply the robust Chatbots into your Business!

Ready to go: And Yes, we would love to hear your Chatbot’s business story!

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