What are Chat bots and how to build one?


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Chatbots are applications which chat with real visitors based on some predefined rules and algorithms. They are mainly used for marketing and sales assistance. There are primarily two types of chatbots namely

1. Rule-Based Chatbots

These are normal chatbots which are in existence for quite some time now. These are used by many companies even for text messaging. In this case, the developer creates a set of predefined terms and rules which on inputted will result in respective actions. One simple example of rule-based chatbots is the prepaid balance checking using text messages provided by your mobile service provider. You just enter a specific text [command] and text to the number. The chatbot on the server end on receiving the message extracts the command and execute it.

Example: Bal 9xxxx9xxxx

2. Artificial Intelligence chatbots

These are sophisticated chatbots that are built for messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc. Here the humans can interact with the chat bots using their normal language. Using artificial intelligence chat bots will decode your message and reply accordingly. Here the input message is decoded into structured data and broken down into commands.

Who needs Chat bots?

Chatbots are essential for any business that is online today. Chatbots can be used for the following purposes.

1. Pre-Sales Chatbots in an e-commerce 2. Shopping assistant 3. Information Assistant: weather, news, doubts, etc 4. Product/service explainer chatbots.

5. Helps in getting payments.

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