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Chatbot Conference – Chatbots Life


Our Best Agenda Yet!….

Stefan Kojouharov
Chatbot Conference NYC 2020

This year’s agenda is one of the most exciting to date. There are a few things we are doing to help improve the experience and make the talks flow more naturally.

Here is sneak peak.

It all starts on Day 1 and the goal of our first day is to give you a great overall understanding of Bots/AI and to do a number of deep dives in the most important areas.

What we are doing different this year, is that we are experimenting with the idea of using ‘just in time learning’ thereby allowing each talk to build up on the previous talk.

We end Day 1 with our ‘Zero to Launch Panel’ which is designed to integrate all of the day’s insights into an action plan.

On day 2, you will take everything we learned and build a Bot using Dialogflow and CoCo. By the end of day 2, you will have a fully functional MVP that can have up to 10 conversations and a Certificate in Dialogflow!

See the details below…

Rob Lawson, Partnerships @Google

Discover how Google is transforming SMS with Rich Business Messaging. This is a great overview of how Bots are increasing ROI in Marketing & Customer Service via SMS. Topics: Customer Service & SMS

Then we will jump into our Ecosystem Panel…

Fortune 500 Companies have been using Bots & AI to increase revenue and decrease costs. This panel will explore best use cases for AI & Bots such as RPAs, Backend Bots, Marketing, Customer Service, Knowledge Bases,etc.

Next is a Deep dive into NLP and NLU. This will help us understand where the field is and what is possible.

Yi Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO @Rulai

In this talk, Yi Zhang, will explore the current stage of NLP/NLU ability and how enterprises can best harness its current capabilities and plan for what’s coming next. Topics: NLP & NLU

Now that we know what’s possible, lets think about the best way to structure your teams and projects…

Mira Lynn, Conversational AI @GoDaddy

Taking the first wrong step can set you off course for years to come. In this talk, Mira will share her insights on how to structure a AI/Bot team and share insight she wish she knew when starting her project at GoDaddy. Topics: Team Design, Customer Service, Conversational UX

…And the last thing we want to do is recreate the wheel. In this next talk, Yaki will share some prebuilt modules you can use.

Yaki Dunietz, CEO @Conversational Components

Often times, developers and designers spend time rebuilding the ‘wheel’. In his talk, Yaki will show you how you can quickly ramp up your Bot build by using pre-build conversational components. This in turn will save your team an enormous amount of time and allow them to focus on your core features. Topics: Speedy Bot Design & Development

… After lunch it’s time for our most famous talk….

Alex Weidauer, CEO Rasa

Our top talk 3 years running, Alex will share the latest developments in NLP/NLU. Currently, the technology is going through a number of advances which are making higher functioning customer service bots inevitable.

Topics: NLP & NLU

Next it’s time to get insights from Fortune 500 companies that use bots on scale. First up is Salesforce…

Greg Bennett UX Salesforce

In this talk, Greg will share the most useful design conventions for chatbots and Voice. Topics: VOICE & Conversational UX

And let’s not forget the backend… Backend Bots and RPAs are one of the fastest growing segments…

Cristian Ignat, Co-Founder & CEO @Aggranda

One of the most exciting developments in the Bot space has been the emergence of conversational RPAs. In this talk, Cristian will share how companies are benefiting from RPAs and best use cases.

Topics: Backend Bots & Conversational RPAs

Derek Roberti, VP of Tech Cognigy

Derek is one of the top experts in Conversational RPAs and backend systems. In this talk, he will do a deep dive and explore all of the top use cases, deployment strategies, security and compliance in the RPA space.

Topics: Conversational RPAs

Back to the giants, let’s see what T-Moble and Twilio can teach us about Bots, AI and Voice….

Lindsey McCarthy, Sr. Product Manager @T-Mobile & Phoebe Parsons, ML Engineer @T-Mobile

Discover how T-Mobile, a self professed ‘no-bot company’ ended up deploying a super successful marketing chatbot that has increased their sales and customer satisfaction.

Topics: Marketing

Elizabeth Siegle Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

Twilio is the premier provider of SMS tools which support millions SMS and Voice based Bots. In this talk, Lizzy, will share some of Twilio’s insights on the future of Bots, AI and what you should be building.

Topics: Voice & Bot Insights

… Ending the day on Zero to Launch Panel and Happy Hour!

In our full day workshop, you will learn how to use Dialogflow by designing and developing 10 FAQ Conversations and launch your bot before lunch.

In our afternoon session, you will take your bot to the next level by adding conversational modules. These modules will dramatically improve the qualify of your bot.

At the end of the workshop, you can take the Dialogflow test and get a Level 1 Dialog Certificate.

See details below:

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