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Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera.

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is home security camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

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Enhance Employee Onboarding with AI Chatbots


The first few days of an employee joining a new company are packed with orientation sessions, team interactions, getting set-up in various IT systems, exhaustive documentation, getting familiar with company policies and so on. It is hugely important as well as difficult to provide the employee with a delightful and smooth experience during their onboarding. Incorporating AI-powered Chatbots for recruiting and employee onboarding not only enhance the initial experience of the new hire but also liberate the HR personnel to focus on more pressing issues.

AI-based Chatbot integration can be extremely helpful in streamlining and speeding up many areas of the employee onboarding process. Let us tell you how.

HR Onboarding

As soon as an employee joins, Chatbot welcomes them onboard and takes care of the initial orientation briefing about the company policies, roles & responsibilities, team introduction, project progress, and all the necessary information. Once the information regarding the initial training, operational knowledge, and other procedures is captured by the Chatbot using structured data, neither the HR nor the onboarding employee has to depend on each other. The information can be extracted from the Chatbot through easy conversation and without any delay.

Paperwork & Documentation

Filling tax forms, guiding new employees through paperwork and providing information about the policies of the company and other important aspects becomes easy with Chatbots.

Handling Queries

Most new employees have the same set of questions for the HR — which are their shift timings, what is the lunch timing, what are the leave policies etc. Keeping your human resources busy in such things will be a costly affair, though Chatbots can answer such frequently asked questions precisely and repetitively. The onboarding employee can even feel comfortable seeking information regarding policies such as workplace harassment, pregnancy announcements, and compensational leaves during the notice period. The conversational user interface of Chatbot enables the onboarding employee to ease up and get comfortable.

Feedback Processes at Each Step

You can add questionnaires at each step to take the feedback of new employees that will enable you to improve your HR process continually. Being powered with ML and NLP, Chatbots can grasp the sentiments of the onboarding employee through frequent and elaborate conversations. This helps you and your HR to understand employees better. In the goal to improve onboarding experience, Chatbots can also indulge the employees into quizzes, survey and feedback loop to improve the future human-bot interactions.

By incorporating AI-powered Chatbots to maintain active employee engagement and provide instant accurate responses to the queries of newly hired employees, you can offer a smooth onboarding process resulting in trust development and maximum productivity.

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