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Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh


Is AI the terminator of creativity?

Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 1

Artificial Intelligent is slowly and steadily breaking all the boundaries between humans and machines. It’s becoming challenging day-by-day to differentiate between actions taken by computer programming and human assistants. A quick example is Chatbots, which sounds almost like humans chatting with you from the other end.

From attacking specific manual and low-skilled tasks like walking and moving things from one place to the other, AI has started moving towards jobs that require creativity, which has been perceived to be a human-thing till today.

Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 2

Ash Mufareh, the founder of ONPASSIVE, believes that — “One day machines will do everything that we have been doing so far, and we will be left with ‘Time’ which is very difficult to find in today’s busy life. We will make a living out of machines doing jobs for us, and the time will be utilized to cherish with the family members and learn new skills that would make us happy.”

What is creativity? Identifying new ways of doing things or create something is called creativity. This has been a unique feature belonging to humans only. But data scientists are training machines to identify patterns, areas of opportunity to create something, which is very challenging for even humans to do.

Since the 70s, many robots have been created to compete with human players, and only in 1997, it happened that IBM’s “Deep Blue” defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov. In 2016, Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo beat the world champion, Lee Sedol, at Go, an ancient Chinese game. In 2014, Eugene Goostman, an AI-driven Chatbot, became first to pass Turing Test and convinced 33% of the judges that Goostman was human.

Other areas where AI is venturing into creativity:

Various fields, where creativity plays a major role, are seeing an influence of AI to draw the attention of people.

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Music: AI has been enabling advancement in the field of music through continuous machine learning to resolve problems associated with understanding music in interactive compositions and music synthesis. ChucK is a cross-platform language developed by Princeton University, which allows composition, real-time synthesis, analysis of music, and performances. MorpheuS is a system that enforces long-term structure and recurring themes in the music through pattern detection techniques. Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, also known as AIVA, breaks down compositions from a library of music to create a mathematical model representation and finally creates fresh emotional soundtracks to be used for movies, games, and commercials.

Painting: Do you know Edmond de Belamy? No, it’s not a human. It’s the name of the artwork created by using the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) algorithm, which was sold for $432,500. AI learns from every great portraits and painting created between 14th to 20th Century and learns patterns and depth to generate unique artwork of its own.

Movies: Who would believe that computers could tell even movie stories? By movie stories, we don’t mean existing ones, but a fresh and new story conceptualized by machines for the audience sitting in theatres. Of course, AI is being used in a vast amount of CGI for movies, but storytelling is the next level. Zone Out is a movie created by Benjamin, the AI, that learned from thousands of hours of old films to identify emotions and flow of stories and used footage of actors acting in front of green screens to stitch together each scene with the characters.

Don’t worry. AI is not going to replace artists, actors, or music composers, but it is definitely going to contribute towards providing a better experience. It would be a philosophy in itself that would generate a feeling of something created out of nothing. In the future, AI will be a tool, which creative heads will use for better output and more opportunities.

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Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 3

Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 4
Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 5
Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 6

Is AI the terminator of creativity? — Ash Mufareh 7

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