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Become a Voice Developer in 90 minutes


Develop and deploy an Action on Google with ZERO coding


Hola developers! I am back again with another blog, although this blog post is aimed specifically at the ones who want to become an Action on Google Developer with ZERO coding. The only prerequisite needed is, you must know what is Google Assistant and should have tried ‘Okay Google’ at least once in your lifetime. And you DO NOT have to be a developer, heck, you don’t even have to know how to code.


If you need a little brush up on Google Assistant however, here would be the perfect place to start.

Anyway, so let’s get on with what you came here to learn:

Objective: we are going to build and deploy a very easy Trivia Game using templates for the Google Assistant. And all of that, within 90 minutes!

  1. Go to Actions Console and create a project with a name of your choice. Since I want to create a trivia game about my state, I am going to name mine ‘Assam Trivia’. You can create this game on any topic of your choice, from your favourite chocolate brand, to the recent movie you watched, basically, anything that you can think of.
create project

2. Choose “Templates” on the next window and then trivia

project type
template type

3. Choose the type of personality for the quiz-master. And then go next.


4. Click on the trivia template and make a copy.

4. You will see a template like this one. Now all you have got to do is, delete all the prefilled content and add in your own questions and answers to it. For now, just add little content to help us proceed further.

5. After you make all changes as required, copy the link as shown with the red box below, and then paste it into the actions console.

Now click ‘Create App’ and that’s is it! You have got a completely functional Action for Google. Congratulations to you! You can now test your app in the simulator or even your own phone!

Let’s release it then, shall we? Now, click on the ‘Go to Overview’ button. And then go to ‘Enter information required for directory listing’. You will be redirected to the page below.

Enter information below:

Invocation name: this is the name that you will use to activate or open your action. In my case, it is called ‘Assam Trivia’. So, users will have to say, ‘Okay Google, talk to Assam Trivia’ to play my trivia.

Sample Invocations: phrases that users will have to say to the Google Assistant to open your Action on Google. For example, in my case, “Talk to Assam Trivia” will be a sample invocation.

Short and long description: a small description about what your action is about. It helps the user to get an idea about what your action does, without actually trying it.

Icon: choose an appropriate icon for your action. You can check out flaticon for the same. There are various websites that let you use their content in your apps, provided you give them due credits in your privacy policy.

Privacy Policy: According to Wikipedia, “A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data”. You can find various examples of it online. This is a mandatory requirement for releasing your Action on Google. You can save it on Google Drive and add the link as you did for the Google Sheet.

After you are done with all the store listing descriptions, you will be able to push your app into production.

You must be wondering, we are already in Deployment Section, but we are still left with much of our 90 minutes’ time limit. That is because, I left the major time consuming part, till the very end, ie. filling the content of the sheet you made in point 4 of Development. Now is when you will fill the content of your trivia game. Since you are done with everything else, go back to the Google Sheet and fill in the questions and answers with patience. Make sure to make them sound informative as well as fun!

When you’re done filling the content, here is the checklist for you to go through, before you finally release your first Action for Google:

  1. Before you deploy your action, make sure to read every question and answer on your sheet. Make sure to double check the correct answers.
  2. Test your Action on Google (AoG) on a real device: besides testing your AoG on the simulator, test it in your smart phone or Google Smart Speaker.
  3. Privacy Policy: re-read the content of the privacy policy and make sure it matches your app descriptions.

Once you have verified that you’re all set, submit it for production! Congratulations! you will have to wait around 2 days for the app to get approved.

Congratulations and welcome to the Actions on Google Developer Community.


In this tutorial you have learnt how to make an Action on Google using templates, if you’re interested in making a custom AoG, please read my blog Making your first app for Google Assistant.

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