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Top 6 Chatbots Builder Which Must be Considered in 2020 to Build Effective Chatbots


Manoj Rupareliya

The usage of the chatbot has increased to a great extent over a period. Now this modern bot technology is used at almost all the places, it has even established its root on numerous social media platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, Slack, and many more. Most of the businesses are considering integrating it with most of their business website and any other if they have.

According to the report, around 67% of customers globally prefer to use a chatbot when it comes to customer support during the past decades, while it was also found that more than 85% of all customer interactions will be carried out without the involvement of human agents by the end of 2020.

While during another survey, more than 34% of respondents said that they would be comfortable receiving customer service from AI-based chatbots in an online retail situation. Thus it becomes vital for businesses to pay attention to crafting advanced chatbot solutions for their business in no time.

AI-based chatbots are advanced machines that integrate with people through text or audio. It can be considered as a smarter version of simple chatbots as it uses natural language processes and machine learning algorithms to understand human behavior in a much better way. AI-driven chatbots continually keep on improving itself, it learns from previous communication and provides more natural communication with humans.

Chatbots become smarter after each interaction with your targeted audience. It poses the efficiency to complete all the tasks more systematically and offer customers with all-time service then ever they need. But before moving to the chatbot development phase, there are various questions which any of the individuals have to consider, these questions include:

  • Which problems are you trying to solve?
  • On which platform your developed chatbot will reside on?
  • What setups will you need to run the chatbot?
  • Which steps did you need to take into consideration for developing chatbot?

There are many other questions that you need to consider when it comes to developing a chatbot. Make sure that you identify the goal and objective for chatbot development. Also, find out how well you handle the input to ensure that you have opted for the best chatbot solution for your business. Developing the development flow considering these factors can help you to design the best solution, which has a human outlook. Furthermore, there are two types of interaction which comes into spotlight when it comes to chatbot development, this includes:

This type of interaction involves all the information related to the logical flow, this must be considered when you step to chatbots as it helps in providing a logical answer to the people for any of the questions they fire.

This type of interaction involves freestyle plain text, which we mostly use while interacting with our friends and family.

There are many platforms that any of the individuals can use for developing advanced and feature-rich chatbot solutions for their business. Explore to know which platform is proving to be a perfect and best match for chatbot development.

It is one of the best chatbot builders which helps any of the individuals to create, train, execute the bot more efficiently than ever before. facilitates users to manage and create all the conversation logic, this can help in understanding all set up responses and predefined queries instantly.

With this advanced chatbot builder, users can easily get bot analytics and messaging metrics tools, they can use these tools to speed up and enhance their understanding. This simply means that users now have one of the greatest collaborative platforms, which can help them to train, monitor, build, and deploy intelligent bots more systematically.

It is one of the advanced chatbot builders which can integrate easily with your website. WotNot can help entrepreneurs to develop a fully customized solution that can satisfy all your business needs in the most accurate way. Now you don’t have to get familiar with complex UI to provide users with the best experience, just integrate the chatbot with your online ordering system or business website and this platform will handle your customers in a most accurate way.

WotNot allows users to modify the conversation flow, this is what makes it differ from all other chatbot builders. Users can make use of Google Sheets to modify the conversational flow. This advanced chatbot builder provides users with a personalized experience, it enables them to preview the chatbot on their business website. Later they can deploy the same with the user’s interactions, which they have stored on the Google sheet. This allows them to view all the changes in real-time so that they can make the changes accordingly.

This chatbot builder can be termed as a drag-and-drop chatbot, this allows users to create a chatbot for their business website. TARS also facilitates users to develop a bot for conversational landing pages for their website. Users don’t need to pose heavy coding skills to build the chatbot using this chatbot builder.

The internal part of chatbot can be developed using Bootkit. Developers can use this chatbot builder to develop a chatbot for various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and many others. This advanced builder helps users to craft internal conversations that provide support for conversations, it also helps in mapping out the human interaction in real-time.

It is an interesting concept because it allows users to make their personal chatbots using their personal social media accounts such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or any other accounts. Bottr allows you to develop your own bots within five minutes and creates questions directly using the data which they gather from the social account. This chatbot builder facilitates users to embed their developed bots with their business website or any other business platform. Users or developers can collect data from various sources such as WordPress, Wikipedia, or from any other source for better data coverage.

It is one of the greatest platforms which helps in developing and experimenting. Users with some basic coding knowledge can easily develop a chatbot with the help of Pandorabots. This chatbot development platform provides users with wide flexibility and allows them to build anything as per their business requirements. Users are provided with more than 1,000 messages per month that also completely free of charge, they can use this to build up more than one bot as per their business requirement.

Chatbot builders have become one of the vital parts, especially when it comes to chatbot development. Due to the availability of numerous options any of the individuals with or without basic coding knowledge can easily develop a chatbot for their business. But when it comes to developing more intelligent and smarter chatbot then they definitely need to pay attention to using artificial intelligence (AI) for crafting the same.

Besides AI, they also have to consider using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing. Chatbots are here to transfer the future of almost all the industries, hence businesses must pay attention to developing advanced chatbots for their business. It allows them to provide consumers with the utmost satisfaction, which is one of the vital keys to achieve market growth. Integrating this advanced solution will not only result in reducing human errors but will also help you provide round the clock availability, this will make it easier for you to provide a seamless experience to your prospective customers all the time whenever they demand.

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