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Pre-built website bot with Dialogflow & Botcopy


Dustin Dye | CEO Botcopy

Hello Friends!

Glad you made the pre-workshop yesterday. We had a lot of attendees, more than expected! People tuned in from all over the world. 🌎 All at different stages of bot development. A few friendly faces and even more newcomers. We welcome you all! 🙌

Download Pre-built Agent

The goal of the pre-workshop was to:

A. Tell you a little about the conference. With COVID-19 the conference is going digital as opposed to in-person in New York. So we wanted to take the time to show you the platform and get a feel for it ourselves. 🙏

B. Help you build a bot using Dialogflow and put it on your website with Botcopy. As it turns out, there isn’t a 1 size fits all. So we wanted to cover the basics and invite you to our full-day workshop to get into the technical details/needs of the chat experience you are after. In case you missed the pre-workshop or want a friendly re-cap here is what we covered.

How to create your first Dialogflow agent.

Step 1
If you haven’t already signup for Google’s NLU framework, Dialogflow, and create your first agent.

Step 2
Once your first agent is loaded you’ll be taken to the first two intents: welcome & default. (What’s an intent?) The welcome intent is where your conversation begins and the default is what will appear if your bot does not recognize a user’s input. For instance, laksjdflaksjdflkasjf, would probably trigger a default. Note: Botcopy accepts all google assistant response types.

Step 3
To speed things up Botcopy has built you a template pre-built agent that you can download here.

Import the zip to your agent by following the steps below.

Step 4
After you’ve successfully imported your agent. You’ll see several new intents that populated. Let’s see what they look like by heading over to BOTCOPY and creating a free account. (use the same email you used to create your dialogflow account).

Step 5
Once your Botcopy account is set up, tap the big square button to add a bot and you’re on your way. In the connect page you can sync your Dialogflow agent, Analytics, and Livechat. Once your agent is connected to your bot you can grab the snippet and add it to your website. But, before you do let’s give it some style.

Step 6
Head over to the branding tab and start styling your widget. Either select from our pre-built color themes or design your own. Our plugin is your playground. You should see the pre-built agent in the bottom right corner.

Step 7
Watch the video above and head back to Dialogflow to fill out the intents with your own FAQ’s, and new intents and play around with the different response types available such as images, cards, galleries, web-views, etc. To see what the response types look like visit

Things to note:

The email capture and lead generation intent sends emails captured by using entities. You can find those emails using the history and analytics or by building a webhook to a CRM such as Sendgrid. See send grid docs here:

Botcopy has several features that allow your bot to read the room. Aside from the custom look and feel you can build a smart agent by taking advantage of features we often write about here.

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