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How to generate dynamic galleries inside ManyChat and manage content from Google Sheets


Now is the time to check out the connection between ManyChat and Google Sheets template.

Step 5.

Find the flow under the number 3 — ‘Vegetarian pizza’ flow and click ‘Edit’ at one of them. In the dynamic content block, you’ll need to have values as on screenshots below ⤵️

and add Full Subscriber Data in the ‘Body’ tab.

When it is done you can test your request by clicking on ‘Test the request’ button. If everything is done correctly you will get a response like that 👇👇

Step 6.

Repeat Step 5 with the ‘Non-Vegetarian pizza’ flow:

Step 7. Almost Done!

Now the only thing is left 🚀 — customize your Google Sheets template and adapt menu items for your pizzeria, bar, restaurant…

  • Column ‘active’ is responsible to make a current item active or not active
  • Column ‘title’ is an item of your menu in a ManyChat gallery
  • Column ‘subtitle’ is an item description
  • Column ‘image’ is a picture of an appropriate item
  • Columns ‘addButton1’, ‘addButton2’, ‘addButton3’ connect 3 buttons to each card of the gallery
  • Columns ‘button1Caption’, ‘button2Caption’, ‘button3Caption’ display button titles
  • Columns ‘button1Target’, ‘button2Target’, ‘button3Target’ link to a specific ManyChat flow. You can get a flow ID in your Manychat dashboard by navigating to the specific flow and then viewing the URL.

Here is an example:

  • Columns ‘button1Action’, ‘button2Action’, ‘button3Action’ set up custom field values. Choose ‘set_field_value’ and add it twice, separated by commas. These will save values for ‘button1ActionName’, ‘button2ActionName’, ‘button3ActionName’ custom fields.
  • Columns ‘button1ActionName’, ‘button2ActionName’, ‘button3ActionName’ set the values for custom fields Pizza, Pizza price, Pizza size when clicking on the appropriate button in the gallery.
  • Columns ‘button1ActionValue’, ‘button2ActionValue’, ‘button3ActionValue’ are the actual values for these custom fields.

💡 Example: When clicking on Pepperoni mid-size pizza for $15.99, the ‘button2ActionValue’ — Pepperoni, mid-size, 15.99 will set up values for Pizza, Pizza size, Pizza price custom fields for the ‘button2ActionName’ column and send data back to the ManyChat.

Also, you can get more information on how Botsheets works here.

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