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9 Online Resources to Learn About Chatbot Development



Chatbots are now a necessity for many businesses across the world. They optimize interactions with customers and can process requests or inquiries through simple conversations. If you’re looking for online resources to help you learn about chatbot development, you’re not alone. This area has been picking up momentum alongside coding.

While some chatbots require coding, others do not. This is an important distinction as some online resources offer information regarding both. But no matter which method you choose, these resources are easy ways to become fluent in the language of chatbots for adults and students alike.

Adult learning and student learning can differ. Anyone can use the following resources. However, adults that gear chatbots toward business or personal use may find these especially helpful.


One of the best places to start your search is YouTube. This free video-based platform is now a resource for everything. It’s home to thousands of videos, podcasts, shows and more. Here you will find information on how to create and implement chatbots. And due to its vast selection, you can search for any variation.

For instance, if you want to use Python as your chatbot coding language, there are videos for that niche. The same goes for C++ and Java. These methods of coding allow anyone — from beginner to professional — to create a chatbot. You can also find videos on how to build chatbots without coding.


Udemy is a popular resource for chatbot learning. This platform provides various courses that range in specifications and focuses on chatbots. So, one class will focus on building chatbots for Facebook Messenger or Slack while another will teach you how to integrate IBM’s Watson.

Udemy also provides different paths for creating chatbots. If you’d like to involve coding in your learning process, there are many options to do so. For people who would prefer to create a chatbot without coding, Udemy has options there as well. With courses in different languages, this online resource covers its bases — from beginner to intermediate.


IBM has made news in recent years for its innovative Watson Assistant. This AI-enabled assistant can handle requests the same as many people can. Thus, it is its own version of a chatbot. Now, IBM is offering resources to help create chatbots for your business.

Since chatbots use natural language recognition to handle and execute requests, IBM is showing people what goes into chatbots with Watson as its model.

Since Watson is a step towards an innovative future, IBM believes that its chatbot education brings learners above and beyond what was once possible. Integrating chatbots into your business could start with IBM.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey offers its online “Chabot University” as a means for you to learn about chatbot development. With free tutorials amongst its classes, you’ll find all the resources you need to create and implement chatbots. Additionally, these tools can carry you from your first steps and guide you into becoming an expert.

Before signing up for a certain tutorial, you can see what each entails. Some will encompass more than others, depending on the level. From business-to-business (B2B) chatbots to improving customer experience with chatbots, Mobile Monkey provides a wide range of tools for you.


Coursera is a central resource for various courses on all things technology-related — and chatbots are a primary factor. With different focuses, you can take the courses that teach you each tool you need to create a chatbot. From learning to creating chatbots without coding to natural language processing, you can dive into each area to develop your skills.

You can also see what level each course is. So, if you’re just starting our, you can opt for the beginning courses and work your way to advance. Additionally, you can check how many students have taken each class and its rating. That way, you can see feedback from people like you and understand how the chatbot courses have helped them learn.


Lynda is a rapidly growing online resource that has video tutorials in almost every area. You can easily search for chatbots and decide which video is right for you. These videos tend to be shorter — you can see the total length next to the title. So, if you’re looking for faster education, Lynda will work for you.

Here, you will find dozens of videos that center or involve chatbots. And, like other resources, Lynda will show you the accompanying skill level for each tutorial. You can see the lesson plans as you progress, too. With Lynda, you will be able to easily create a chatbot while understanding why they are so important for a business.

Students can use most of the adult learning resources since they cover any skill level. For instance, YouTube is critical for student learning. Many students of any age turn to YouTube for tutorials and guidance. However, other chatbot development resources mesh well specifically for students.

In the era of COVID-19, many students — especially STEM students — must attend virtual classes from home where they don’t have the proper resources to learn. Helping students during this time is essential. Many will need additional help from online tutoring in different disciplines.

For those working with chatbots, online help steps in to bridge this divide.

University Chatbot

With University Chatbot, students can immerse themselves in virtual learning and resources that they might normally have with in-person education. Here, undergraduate and graduate students can find what they need to learn about chatbot development. Plus, there is a 30-day free trial period.

University Chatbot helps its users with everything from AI integration to bot analytics. It additionally offers a support team should students need any help.

Another added benefit of this resource is that it emphasizes the importance of creating mobile-friendly chatbots — something that will help its results stand out. University Chatbot is a beneficial aid for home learning.

Cognitive Class

If you’re looking for class-based education that breaks learning down into different modules, Cognitive Class may be the option for you.

Here, students can find certain courses, like “Build your own chatbot” that guide them through the entire process. More guidance means better resources for students who are learning remotely.

Here, you will find the option to forgo coding — Cognitive Class shows you techniques for developing chatbots without the need for it. Further, its setup of classes offers a set structure that mimics normal schooling. Students can then learn efficiently about things like how to implement chatbots into websites.


If you’re searching for resources that are easy for kids to use, Magpie could be your best bet. Like Python or C++, Magpie is a coding language that requires additional guidance from a knowledgeable resource or program. The benefit here is that parents who are trying to help their kids learn from home can aid in explaining the process.

Since coding and chatbots are quickly growing fields and tools, Magpie will introduce kids to coding and using chatbots so they have that skill under their belt. This will prepare them for the technological future, all while learning remotely.

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