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AI with the save! How to keep all your customers during the quarantine


One of employees, for instance, has been calling and texting (with no answering) her fitness club to figure out what’s going to happen to her gym membership. It transpired that news of a work break was printed out on a paper and hanged on the club’s door. It is a hard time for business, but show your empathy and clients will appreciate it. Tell them you are closed, but that only lasts so long. Offer some bonus programs, gather their wishes for the future, tell them what you can offer right now.

What can be done

A perfect way to enhance relations with your customers — is to talk to them personally. Of course, a business doesn’t have any spirit, free time or free hands right now. Due to the fact that the key element, in this case, is an external communication, a in a text channel won’t do too (although, you can create this kind of an optimistic bot for incoming queries for social media and messengers).

Another proactive method — made by the voice assistant. You can build up an assistant in a bot constructor like . Most tools make it possible to create an outbound call through the speech synthesis (pay extra attention to the synthesis quality — your goal is to build loyalty), some tools can provide the opportunity to use audio of prerecorded remarks.

Be the first one to start a dialogue with your client and gather feedback. A table on the call results will include all the info on the stages of a phone call — for instance, you will instantly see who wants to bring their money back for the unused gym membership, and who will stay with you through foul and fair.

Challenge № 3. You can be really useful to your clients, but they don’t know about that.

Who is affected: anyone who wants to cope with the crisis

You’ve never had a delivery service and now you do? You used to sell socks and now you’re sewing face masks? You got goods that your clients may need during the isolation? Don’t be a stranger, outgame the new realms — start a sales promotion, develop loyalty programs, be of service to your customers.

Food delivery is not the only useful service. Home exercise programs and the fitness equipment industry are well-positioned to boom — with sales of dumbbells up 60%, pullers up 109%, jump ropes up 56%, rowing machines up 134%, and yoga mats up 150%, . The happens with online education and online healthcare platforms, indoor and outdoor games, home and garden items, books and electrical goods.

Real-life cases: how business is changing its form

Right now rental bookings are, on average, in Europe and in the US, while some particular cities experience the strongest slump in demand. For instance, occupancy in Milan dropped by 78% in the week of 24th February compared to last year. That is why some hotels, like ones in Moscow, give rooms under a long-term lease, so that their customers could live there during the isolation.


Everyone’s changing their business models: offline events are switching to online, restaurants are turning to deliveries, and small businesses sell certificates that people can use later when the trouble dies down. Users are okay with these small investments in the future, they only have to be informed of this availability.

What can be done

First of all, prepare news and special offers posts for social media, provide push notifications for a website, start targeted advertising to the extent possible. A chatbot can be assigned with lead gathering in messengers, social media and website widget. In case the chatbot platform has CRM integration — take advantage of it — a bot can gather delivering data, therewith leads won’t get lost, a chatbot will save everything in a customer card.

Challenge № 4. How to keep a customer during the order rush?

Who is affected: delivery services, online shops, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies

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