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The 7 Best Slack Bots


Foster Daly

Slack is the leading instant messaging platform for tech-forward companies. As chatbot connoisseurs, we need to recognize the vital role that bots play in Slack’s success. The platform is intentionally bare-bones → Slack relies on bots, integrations, and other marketplace tools to customize their medium in a way that’s tailored to each business.

I know this may sound a bit nuts but I believe chatbots and architecture are actually two remarkably similar fields. Architecture and building design can enhance productivity, balance, and communication. Rooms shape the way we live — they shape how we interact with our co-workers.

Well, digital architecture is no different. Slack bots allow us to change the focus or organization of our instant messaging platform. The architecture of our communication tools shapes our means to create, produce, and work together.

If you’re using Slack without adding a single bot, integration, or app to help tailor your team’s digital communication experience — it’s time to rethink your decisions.

Here are 7 bots that will increase productivity, improve communication, and enhance your Slack experience:

Disco offers a simple way to gamify and incentivize company culture directly within Slack. They’ve created an intuitive and easy to use chatbot that makes your mission and values actionable. It’s a great way to improve company culture for remote businesses!

This integration from is the leading Slack-Jira Integration for Jira Server, Cloud, and Data Center. meets the SOC 2 standards for Security, Confidentiality, and Availability. It’s an extremely security-minded tool that‘s tailored for large enterprises.

The real appeal of this app — it reduces context switching. I no longer have 10 open Jira tabs anymore because I can create and edit issues right from Slack. Jira Integration+ has personally reduced our amount of missed/delayed issues to zero.

I personally believe that Morgan is the most productive Slack app available. Morgan is short for ‘Meeting Organizer’. The bot automates any type of meeting and introduces AI to help keep your board clean.

It also integrates with Jira so my morning standups are completed in half the normal time with twice the results. In fact, this bot recently won the Slack App Hackathon. Really… I can’t recommend this one enough.

The Troops bot is the easiest way to use Salesforce directly from Slack. With a centralized ability to access, communicate, and understand SalesForce reports, your team can improve the way they track sales leads.

Support teams keep our customers happy and our employees informed. Now more than ever, it’s important that we reduce the support team’s repetitive workload so their time is free to work on customer-facing issues.

HelpDesk+ provides an integrated 2-way experience that prevents users from needing to access Jira Service Desk portal. It moves the full experience to Slack.

Yala uses machine learning to study your audience’s social media patterns. It uses this ever-evolving information to post at times that will drive engagement. This bot makes all this accessible directly from Slack.

When dining at restaurants becomes a possibility once again and we’re all able to go back to our offices after COVID-19, look into the Lunch Train Slack bot. This tool lets you plan group lunch outings without spamming your channels. Users can board the Lunch Train in a way that doesn’t force the whole group to receive 20 notifications (read: disruptions) over the course of an hour.

These are my favorite 7 Slack bots. I’d personally love to know more about your favorite Slack apps. Leave a comment, ask a question, or clap the article and I’ll write another article soon!

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