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Families turning to voice activated games for hands-free in-home entertainment


Photo by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

Usage of top games titles up by 47%

Following more than three weeks of staying at home, data from some of the top voice activated games titles shows people are turning to their voice devices for in-home entertainment. Game-play across the popular voice titles Pointless, Tenable and Deal or No Deal is up on average by 47% since the public were asked to stay at home.

Average sessions for the voice version of hit daytime TV gameshow Tenable, based on top 10 lists, are up 66%. The game, which features running commentary from the TV host Warwick Davis as well as audio and graphics from the TV show, is proving to be a welcome distraction from current events.

Pointless, one of the biggest TV gameshows in the UK, has seen sessions of its voice game rocket by 40% as people put themselves in the shoes of a contestant from the comfort of their own homes. Meanwhile sessions of cult gameshow classic, Deal or No Deal are up by 35% as more and more people try to beat the infamous banker.

At a time when hand-washing and hygiene are top of mind for everyone, maximising voice activated devices, which allow for touch-free interaction, makes more sense than ever. The average person in the UK checks their smartphone every 12 minutes according to Ofcom* and one in depth study found that we touch our smartphones over 2,600 times per day (including all taps, types, swipes and clicks)**.

While most people are aware of their voice assistant’s ability to help with productivity and admin tasks, it seems spending more downtime at home has now highlighted their potential for fun and games too. However, hands-free fun is not the only benefit of voice games. According to leading voice games developers Vocala, who have released the figures, there are a number of other reasons people are increasingly drawn to their voice devices for entertainment.

Ruth Oakley, Creative Director at Vocala points first to the practical reasons: “There’s the financial element, as most games are free to play, but they’re also super easy with no instructions to read, no setting up, no boards or dice. They’re great for brain-boosting and not to mention they offer a chance to step away from ‘screen time’ which is a real concern for people right now, especially parents.”

However she also believes there’s a strong emotional pull: “The games are interactive, featuring music, audio and personalised responses from the assistant, which can be comforting for those who are at home alone at this time. For families at home together they provide an easy way to connect and have fun, to make memories and bond. Being able to create joy, laughter and positive experiences is more important now than ever.”

Tenable, Pointless and Deal or No Deal are all available to play on Amazon Alexa devices for free (with paid-for premium options available) by saying “Alexa, open Tenable”, “Alexa, open Pointless” or “Alexa, open Deal or No Deal”.

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