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Giving a Voice to Your Brand Purpose — (Part 2)



By Rob Stanbridge, Vocala MD

We have recently been looking at brand purpose, as a significant marketing trend, and how voice can support in delivering it. Our previous post explored how voice can be leveraged to entertain consumers or help them access a certain lifestyle. Here are some other examples of areas in which the platform can give a voice to a brand purpose.

Creativity and inspiration

There are brands that see it as their role to stimulate creativity and inspire their consumers whether that be through food, fashion, music or design. The ability to simply ‘ask Alexa’ for a recipe or a recommendation opens up a host of opportunities for brands to connect with consumers around mutual passions and add value for them. The National Peanut Board of America exists to inspire a love of peanuts amongst the nation and turned to voice to help them do that. We developed The Peanut Butter Jar Alexa Skill, which inspires users with a library of sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes which can all be accessed quickly and conveniently through voice.

The purpose of some brands is to inform and update by delivering news and stories to their audience. Millions of people now turn to smart speakers and voice assistants as a source of their news, making voice an essential medium for these brands. Alexa Flash Briefings, which are short pre-recorded updates of a few minutes long, are becoming increasingly popular. The fact that they’re quick and customized summaries makes them ideal for delivering timely snippets of information right when the audience might also be doing other things. The BBC, Reuters, ESPN, Reddit and many more household news outlets have a strong presence in voice. From politics to business, science to sport, culture to entertainment, voice has the potential to inform and update on behalf of brands.

We have more examples to come, looking more specifically at social purpose, but we’d like to hear other examples and suggestions around how brands and voice together can and do inspire and inform people.

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