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How chatbots will benefit businesses?


venkat vajradhar

The topic of conversation organization usually focuses on customer service in B2B environments. However, with advanced chatbots and virtual assistants today thanks to machine learning and natural language processing, companies are looking to deploy them internally to increase operational efficiency.

Virtual Assistant is a software application that works for a person. Many people call them chatbots or bots.

Integration with enterprise applications:

Most of us are already familiar with the popular virtual assistants programmed on our smartphones or speakers like Apple’s Siri and Amazon Echo (Alexa). On the enterprise side, we have already seen leading SaaS companies to incorporate popular messaging bots into their apps such as Facebook Messenger. Major ERP providers such as SAP and Oracle are developing virtual assistants for their user interfaces.

Some of the Bots are can answer customer queries and query the fulfillment system to bring up order information. Like other customer service bots, Einstein Bot helps solve high-volume, repetitive queries and allows customer service to focus on more complex, subtle requests. It increases operational efficiency, improves customer engagement, and gives customer service staff greater job satisfaction.

Based on the research of The State of Chatbots, to track consumer preferences and potential use cases, as shown below:

Project management:

With sophisticated #AI and cognitive computing capabilities, chatbots can track internal data and customer interactions to help internal operations and project managers make assumptions.

Large-scale projects typically have multiple internal divisions in different geographies. Shareholders often spend a lot of time tracking status updates from their peers, customers, and vendors.

For example, a project manager in Los Angeles may need a landmark update from their counterpart in Bangalore and wait 24 hours to receive a response. However, if relevant information is stored on internal systems, the chatbot can instantly retrieve the response.

While bots cannot address major product delays or strategic challenges, they can certainly reduce response time and email volume, creating arbitrary delays.


While #virtual assistants may not get to the more complex areas of accounting, they can certainly help automate repetitive, simple tasks. In their current position, virtual assistants take on the role of administrative support in accounting.

They also help simplify workflows and minimize administrative tasks. A chatbot can ask straightforward questions about a customer’s credit limit such as a D&B report or payment status.

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With further advances in AI, chatbots can evolve beyond purely transactional tasks and offer suggestions given the internally stored accounting data.

Human resources:

In the digital age, the recruitment process is becoming data-driven. With hundreds of applicants sometimes applying for the same position, the chatbot helps the screening process by asking some basic background questions that are needed for a given position.

This type of automation can be a great help for companies that hire seasonal or temporary workers, such as retail and distribution centers.

#Chatbots also help in fielding HR FAQs for employees. Some people may feel comfortable asking sensitive HR questions to the chatbot as opposed to contacting the manager.

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Entering benefits is one of the most frustrating parts of HR. Employees often spend a lot of time sifting through information and understanding the needs. Chatbot queries can help clarify some tilted areas in registering benefits.
Due to the personal nature of HR and the legal sensitivity of shared information, chatbots can prove to be a difficult area for HR to implement. While they may help increase operational efficiency, companies need to move forward cautiously.

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