Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal

Use your voice to play a song, artist, or genre through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and others. With compatible Echo devices in different rooms, you can fill your whole home with music.

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Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera.

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is home security camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

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The Chatbot Conference is starting in 24hrs.


Stefan Kojouharov

There are now less that 5 tickets left, so be sure to get your tickets before they are all gone.

Our agenda is designed to focus on the most important topics in the Bot, AI, Voice space:

  • 10:00 AM: Yaki Dunietz (CEO @Conversational Components) Topics: NLP & Design, Use Cases and Bot Ecosystem Overview.
  • 10:30 AM: Cristian Ignat (Co-Founder & CEO @Aggranda) Topics: Conversational RPAs & Backend Bots for Enterprises
  • 11:00 AM: Alex Weidauer (Founder at Rasa) Topics: NLP, NLU, Bot Ecosystem
  • 11:30 AM: Maciej Maliszewski (Head ofK2Bots.AI) Topics: Conversational Interphase of IOT
  • 12:00 PM: Lindsey McCarthy & Phoebe Parsons ( Design & ML @T-Mobile) Topics: Marketing and UX and Strategy
  • 12:30 PM: Yi Zhang (Co-Founder & CEO @ RulAI) Topics: NLP, NLU and NLG
  • 1:00 PM: Vittorio Banfi (Co-founder & CEO @BotSociety) Topics: Design & UX, Launch Strategy
  • 1:30 PM: Derek Roberti & Dennis Walsh (VP Technology & President @Cognigy) Topics: Conversational RPAs & Backend Bots
  • 2:00 PM: Mira Lynn (Conversational AI @GoDaddy) Putting it All Together Panel

Build an AI Powered Customer Service Chatbot for your website in our full day workshop and get Certified in Dialogflow.


  • Start Project with Dialogflow: Design Intents & Entities
  • NLP & NLU Fundamentals: Develop 10 Conversations, Welcome flow & Fallbacks
  • Launch Bot on your Website
  • Learn advanced Design & Copywriting Techniques
  • Quickly Add Pre-Built Conversational Components to your Bot using CoCoHUB

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