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How Chatbots Can Enhance Employee Onboarding Process


Just imagine every new position opened attracts an average of 250 resumes to check by your HR department. Also, it takes on average 42 days for HR managers to fill the position. That makes the task not only repetitive but a really time-consuming one. Yet, it’s the very beginning only.

Having filtered the hundreds of the candidates and found the perfect hire, the process of employee onboarding takes place. That’s where chatbots can enhance the employee experience and engagement and also free the time for the HR managers to focus on more pressing issues.

Why should you improve the onboarding process? It can help you to save money. Building a good onboarding process is a way to deliver a positive experience on the first day at the organization to your new hire. And, according to the research data, thus, you can keep 69% of new employees for at least three years.

Other statistics indicate that only 12% of employees in the US reported and agreed that their company had a good onboarding process. AI-based chatbots can be pretty useful in this case. How? There are at least 5 ways chatbots can help you to improve employee onboarding process making it simpler, efficient, effective. And here they are.

The first impressions are most lasting and play the key roles for new hires when deciding to stay with you or leave. Chatbots are vital during onboarding. Using the solution, HR can get all the needed information and/or documentation like tax and bank account details, social security, and so on.

Also, the bot can bring a newcomer through the IT onboarding process, setting up the hires’ email along with other required accounts or asking such important nuances like preferred devices, and responding to queries throughout. What’s more, the newbie is free to choose the preferred channel for the purpose.

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The onboarding process is individual and depends on different factors like the position of a new hire. Thus, the training materials when onboarding a developer will differ from those the fresh content-writer needs, for example.

It can take time for new hires to search for needed information. Besides, it’ll disturb them a lot from the tasks and job at all. It’s where chatbots can be pretty useful. Not only can they guide new employees through their onboarding training plan and resources, but also they will provide quick responses 24/7.

If you want not only to improve the onboarding process but enhance employee engagement, the chatbot solution is what you need to implement for sure. HR managers can conduct employee-specific surveys or quizzes by means of technology. In such a way the HR department can identify the patterns and gaps in hire experience in the onboarding process. Thus, you can discover the areas of improvement of the existing onboarding process.

There are lots of repetitive and basic questions about the company, standard operating procedures, policies, etc. Chatbots implemented can reduce the workload for HRs and save time for new employees. Thus, the newcomers can refer to the bot to get a complete answer regarding the latest company policies, standard operating procedures, information about vacations, sick days, etc. instantly and accurately.

There is always a ton of paperwork and formalities that is the same for all the newcomers. And all newbies are:

  • faced with similar issues;

It’s a stress and pressure for the HR manager when there are several newcomers simultaneously. In such a case chatbot technology can be a true rescue. Implementing the solution, you can automate paperwork management.

That frees the time for the HRs to focus on the other crucial aspects of the onboarding like socialization, for instance. Also, it saves time for the newcomer, because the new hire can get all the needed answers almost immediately without a need to wait for the HR to do the same.

Another strong feature of the technology is that all the important documentation is carried out in a very systematic and convenient manner. Certainly, the errors and mistakes still can be made but the process efficiency is increased anyway.

AI chatbots technology brings a lot of benefits to both a company and a new hire. Yet, the implementation of the solution is not as easy as it seems to be at first sight. Your company should have a strong strategy and make plans for chatbot development and implementation in the company. What’s more, that should be a part of the employee engagement approach imperative for your success. Don’t expect to get all the benefits and transformative potential of chatbots implemented, in case you’re going to use the technology for automating repetitive tasks only. It should be a comprehensive strategy to get the most out of the solution integrated.

Keep in mind that effective chatbots usually require access to internal business data, private records, and some sensitive information from ERP, HCM, and others. Thus, another crucial issue to pay attention to is the security of both integration and usage of the solution.

You’d take action to protect all the conversations between employees and chatbots. So, think about the safe storage for conversations, way of deploying the chatbots, the systems of security and control to use, and other crucial aspects.

You’d be ready that you’ll need to deploy several bots for handling various tasks. Besides that, a virtual assistant can be needed to manage all conversations, route the newbies to a certain bot to solve the intended task.

The onboarding process is stressful for new hires and HR managers. However, AI-based chatbot can help new employees to accommodate, minimizing stress, and reduce the workload of the HR department. It’s a win-win situation for both companies and hires. Availability 24/7, fast responses, high accuracy, and other features of the chatbots are bound to help the hires to assimilate new information much faster and feel more engaged. The solution implemented can improve the entire onboarding process. In its turn, creating a good onboarding can make the first day of your new employees positive that is very important. Moreover, great onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% that saves your money, time and even reputation.

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