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How to be involved in COVID-19 Hack and check a prototype of your product


Hi there 👋🏻! My name is Yaroslav and I’m a co-founder of startup We implement WhatsApp API into business processes of companies and help them improve the conversion rate.

It’s been exactly a month since a hackathon for developers who were seeking to make a social impact took place. Its aim was to tack some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) 🦠 pandemic. Our team decided to take part in this hackathon and develop a useful product of social importance based on our experience and technologies we work with.

1. Crawl Twitter Data using 30 Lines of Python Code

2. A Conversational UI Maturity Model: a guide to take your bot to the next level

3. Picture my voice

4. Top 5 NLP Chatbot Platforms

  • create chats in WhatsApp with doctors and relatives of their patients to provide easier access to information and reduce pressure on doctors 👨‍⚕️

We wanted to use all the power of our technologies, so we decided to use the second idea.

We started development with tools:

  1. WhatsApp Business API

We use WhatsApp API because it helps communicate with clients/patients in a fast way (don’t need to find and install any app from AppStore or Google Play. By the way how many apps do you have in your smartphone?). Also the key thing — we can work with it and implement it to any interfaces

1. A user sends a key phrase to our WhatsApp business account

2. Chatbot asks some questions based on COVID-19 symptoms, which we sand to Intermedica API for the getting result of a summary of symptoms

3. We ask a location via WhatsApp before we send a result of the potential diagnosis. We do that for pinning dangerous cases on the map. In the map, we spread cases so you can find red zones with a high concentration of cases and points with specific cases

4. Finally, we send potential results to the user and some recommendations with a link to the map

5. In the background, we send all data to our CRM, so after we can connect to any user and chat with

CRM client’s card
The map with dangerous zones
The map with particular cases

We have developed a prototype in three days. It closes the problem of quick questioning of people, creating an infection map, and quick communication with people.

We planed to offer our product to clinics, but they concern about operating activities and don’t want to communicate now (if you read it and would like to implement our solution to your product — ping us)

After a while, we came across a prototype of the solution by Google and Apple create huge data of infected people and help people to distance themselves from others. We faced some similar solutions on a hackathon (look here)

The idea of participating in the hackathon was put forward by our CTO. By involving in another way of the base product, the team get motivation and feel their social position.

After a while, we came across a prototype of the create huge data of infected people and help people to distance from others. We faced some similar solutions on a hackathon

I strongly do not recommend creating products without customer research, market analysis, and competitor’s research. It is a bad idea to fit the market with a product, based only on your thoughts and desires.

However, if you can develop a prototype fast and motivate your team — do it. Indeed, the new context helps not only to test new approaches but also to look at the product from a different perspective.

You can look at the map and test our solution HERE 🤗

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