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How I made retargeting chatbot for e-commerce


97% of your first time website visitors leave without buying anything, and then they forget you. You need to bring them back with retargeting chatbot. Learn how.

When it comes to the term, retargeting, it means you’re targeting them again.

Because people visit your website and they forget you. Retargeting chatbot brings them back and makes sales! If you’re in the e-commerce business, you really need this.

Before your website visitors decide to buy a product online, they need to feel like they know you. Retargeting is the moment when they know you. That’s why the success rate of conversion with retargeting is very high.

Step 1: Customer chat on the website

I built a customer chat on a website that helped visitors ask queries and get answers. That’s the basic part of the bot. Next, I put some intelligence on it.

The work hour of my client was Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, so I put a condition that let the chatbot check at its timezone the current time first. If it was within the work hour, the chatbot said, ‘hey how can we help you?’ and asked the customer to talk to humans. One real agent got notified and replied to the quires.

Off that work hour (NOT during the work hour mentioned above), the chatbot used to say, ‘hey, my human friends are away making the best products on the planet. Can you leave us a message for them?’ When the customer left a message, the message was saved in a google spreadsheet, and the agent after joining to work reviewed and replied to that query.

Step 2: The visitor was tracked by chatbot

As the visitors interacted with the chatbot, they were subscribed to the chatbot, and my client was known to the visitor then. So I made another bot to be sent to the same visitor after 5 hours that said, “Hey we just noticed you enquired about us! Did you know you could enjoy 10% OFF your entire order if you shop right now? Then the bot gave the coupon code and directed it to the SHOP NOW button.

Step 3: Added subscriber to sequence

I added this bot as sequence and set with customer chat as follows.

What it means is, whoever (the visitors) interacts with customer chat will be subscribed to the sequence and receive the messages at their messenger at preset schedule.

To sum it up, these are the three steps I did in making the retargeting chatbot.

  1. Install customer chat on website
  2. Make an offer bot
  3. Add the offer bot to sequence and add the sequence to customer chat

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