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Are Chatbots the technical answer to flattening the Coronavirus curve?


The novel coronavirus is keeping the world under a tight grip. Governments from across the world are finding newer measures to flatten the curve, schools are getting closed, companies are finding newer ways to keep their profits afloat.

While on one side, the economies are taking efforts to lower the impact on coronavirus on industries, new-generation technologies, on the other hand, are taking efforts to make the process of curbing the spread slower.

In this article, we are going to look into a technology that is making its fair share of efforts to flatten the curve — Chatbots.

Use Cases of Chatbots Bringing the COVID-19 Spread Down

A. Dissemination of Information

One of the biggest challenges of every pandemic is the abundance of information that comes sweeping in from all directions. It is the same story all the time. Accurate information comes much later than fake information. Chatbots — taking information from authorized public health agencies — can help bring this issue down. They can offer people concise information which has been shared by the right authorities.

B. Monitoring of symptoms

Considering the nature of the coronavirus, the healthcare frontlines have to be protected a lot more than people self-quarantining. In order to make it successful, it would be important to give people a platform to monitor themselves. This is where chatbots come in handy. By making people answer simple questions, bots will be able to help the users monitor themselves.

C. Mental Health Support

Even though the national and global health bodies are highlighting the need of mental health in a pandemic, the frontlines are, however, not extremely equipped in offering psychological support. The chatbots, can be a great way to eliminate the psychological issues of isolation by becoming 24*7 listeners to the users.

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Chatbots are a great digital medium for lowering the load on the healthcare domain. By enabling people to self-serve and monitor themselves and backing them with accurate and relevant information, the hospitals are able to provide help and care to the ones who need it.

But the use cases of chatbots in the fight against COVID-19 is not just limited to the health and care domain. They are also being used in multiple scenarios by other industry verticals.

Volunteering- More people want to get involved in the coronavirus-fighting community and help. Chatbots are being employed by NGOs across the globe for making the “How to get involved” information accessible in real-time, with less human interaction.

Retail: The retail houses are changing their hours of operation and limiting shipping options because of the closures. Keeping people updated about their product delivery status is a responsibility that these retail houses are outsourcing to chatbots.

Restaurants: A number of restaurants around the world are limiting the number of employed staff. They have now started incorporating chatbots in their systems for the purpose of taking in orders from their customers.

Chatbots That Are the Textbook Examples of How the Technology Can be Used to Limit the Coronavirus Spread

1. Rapid Response Virtual Agent Program

Announced by Google, the bot enables Google Cloud customers to respond to questions coming in from their customers more quickly. The bot is mainly designed for the organizations who wish to offer COVID-19 related information to their customers — these include government bodies, financial, retail, or travel industries.

2. MyGov Corona Helpdesk

It is the official chatbot of the Government of India, launched to answer questions around COVID-19. It has been made available on WhatsApp. The bot provides huge information about the pandemic in an easy to understand, conversational manner, which includes symptoms, health & travel advisories, and transmission details.

3. Microsoft Azure

The tech giant is offering companies and the healthcare organizations focusing on COVID-19 an infrastructure to develop enterprise-level chatbots which can interact, listen, and understand. The technology has also been devised in a way that it can automatically answer queries about COVID-19 and evaluate the patients before inviting them for in-person health checks.

4. Cobot-19

The bot has been developed by Verloop and Portea Medical to help people in accessing information surrounding COVID-19. All the information that the bot is offering has been gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO, and the John Hopkins University.

Cobot-19 too functions through WhatsApp where people can choose from several available options on the basis of the information they are seeking.

5. CDC Coronavirus Chatbot

The chatbot powered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has also launched a chatbot on its official website to help the visitors do a basic self-assessment check on themselves by answering simple prompts and questions.

It is an example of how it is not just the tech-based companies that are making use of such digital measures but also government agencies and public health bodies.

With this we have looked into the different ways chatbots help with fighting the war against coronavirus rise along with the examples of some of the famous chatbots and companies behind them. The only thing left to do now is to get in touch with a software development agency that excels in chatbot creation or simply find ways to integrate existing chatbot systems in your business’s digital face. It will help you present yourself as a brand that cares about its customers and stakeholders’ wellbeing.

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