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3 Metrics in SEO That A Chatbot Can Improve Easily | by Vibhu Dhariwal | Jul, 2020


Vibhu Dhariwal

Even Google has been using NLP in their search algorithm, then why shouldn’t marketers stop themselves from using such technologies in their marketing.

SEO experts often underestimate the power of AI and Chatbots in marketing. They think that there are limited benefits and use-cases of these techs. So, here in this article, I am going to tell you 3 Metrics in SEO That A Chatbot Can Improve Easily. These ideas can help you to explore how more a chatbot can help in businesses.

Before we begin, let me first give you a short summary of what we are going to talk about.

There are metrics in SEO, like Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate & Visitor Return Rate. These metrics help Google analyze how good your website is. So, if you have a good score in these metrics, then it is very likely that your website ranks good on SERP. Even as per Alexa ranking also, these are the major metrics that are calculated to determine the Alexa Website Rank.

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What if I tell, that you can improve these factors just like 👈 this with a chatbot.

The average session duration is the total time of sessions of all visitors upon the number of unique interactions.

If you are getting traffic of more than 10k a month, then the Average Session Duration of 2 Min — 3 Min is a must.

Traditionally, in SEO, marketers use blogs to manipulate the Average Session Duration of a visitor on a website. If users visit a blog, then there is a good chance of them staying long on there.

However, in the case of the homepage, it is quite challenging for businesses to manage the same.

So, marketers can use Chatbot for managing Average Session Duration on their homepage.

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But How?

For example, let’s say you have a Digital Marketing website. And you want users to stay on your homepage when they redirect there. For that, you can create a Quiz game or a fun fact series on Chatbot. Moreover, you can design the bot in a way, that it automatically pops-up when a user lands on the website.


You will just need to make sure that the quiz is good enough to keep the visitor interested. Also, to make sure that the user doesn’t lose interest, you can add multiple quizzes too. Like at the last of the quiz, you can add an option for the users to opt for another quiz.

It is not just about quiz or facts. There can be a lot that you can do with a chatbot to boost engagement on your website. Although instead, you can create a form system for such activities. But, if you are using a chatbot, then you will have more scope of marketing.

At the end of the conversation you can even take the conversational flow in the following way;

Chatbot: Oh Wow, your all answers were correct. I must say, you know a lot about marketing and relevant stuff. But hey, after you leave the website, I won’t be able to connect with you. Can you share your e-mail address, so that I can frequently chit-chat with you?

This way, you can collect leads too. And also, you can even expect your visitors to show interest in your brand in real-time.

The bounce rate is a percentage of total visitors who left the website after visiting just a single page. Lower your bounce rate better your website will be.

Often when someone lands on the website to check out a blog, they leave the website instantly after getting the information they want. Linking to another blog in the article does help in convincing the reader to check another blog too. However, the technique many times doesn’t work.

The chatbot can be a very beneficial tool in the above case also. It can help you to decrease your website’s bounce rate.

But how?

Based on the niche of your website, you can train your chatbot to convince visitors to check another webpage also. For example, continuing the above quiz conversational flow. You can add something like this;

Chatbot: Looks like you like to know about marketing a lot just like me. So, I suggest you check out our last case study about how to increase DA from 1 to 25 in just 3 months.

Chatbots can predict with the response of the user that what topic a user may like. It helps in suggesting content which can attract user the most.

Another way to manipulate the bounce rate of a website with a chatbot is by window redirection. It means that you can design your chatbot in a way that it can open a webpage within the chat window.

So if you convince a user to check particular information and they click on the link, the webpage will open within the chat window. It can even help in increasing the average page view per visitor.


Visitor Return Rate is the percentage of visitors returning to your website after more than half-hour. Means if you are getting total traffic of 20k in a month, and out of which 5k are returning visitors. Then your website’s Visitor Return Rate would be 25%

Any technique doesn’t directly help in increasing visitors returning rate. Marketers just try to make sure that the visitor likes the content and visit again. However, with a chatbot, you can increase the probability of a visitor to visit again by making the engagement in the first interaction interactive.

Chatbots can be designed in a way that it can remember users when they interact the second time. It makes engagement with visitors visiting the website the second time more humanized and dynamic. And as a result, the visitors who visited the website second time consider visiting the third time as well.

Overall, the implementation of chatbot can help websites to see improvement in their visitor returning rate.

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