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Apple iOS 14 brings stunning updates in Siri- Here’s How | by Tapaan Chauhan | Jun, 2020


Tapaan Chauhan

Apple held its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 22nd and introduced several upgrades that users can expect in Siri. They have ensured that the smart voice assistant provides a seamless performance with iOS 14 launching shortly. Apple has taken a shot at changing her avatar to enable multitasking and even updated her knowledge base to help her answer questions better!

Siri is Apple’s smart voice assistant. You can find her in almost all of Apple’s devices-from handsets to tablets. She works on the principles of voice-technology to help you accomplish your tasks. You can place calls, drop messages, schedule a meeting, and ask her questions.

With every iOS update, Apple aims to take its standards to a higher notch. This year, with all new iOS 14 updates, Apple has revamped its game. It has introduced numerous features, especially in its personal voice assistant. Siri has become witty, more efficient, and precise.

Below is a list of features that Apple users’ are in for, thanks to the brand newupdates:

The smarter, the better

Siri has gotten smarter. She can now process 25 billion requests each month. Her knowledge base has been upgraded by 20x more than it was three years ago. We can undoubtedly expect Siri to throw facts on our faces in the new iOS 14 at every fleeting moment.

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Compact and close-packed

Siri will no longer occupy the whole screen every time she pops up to assist us. Instead, her avatar would appear at the bottom of the screen. It resembles a cartoonish incarnation of her logo. We can now perform tasks and switch between apps, along with Siri’s constant assistance.

Siri’s brand new makeover

Apple introduced the pop-up call feature that doesn’t take up the whole screen to allow users to keep using their phones when they do not wish to answer it. It looks like Apple left no stone unturned to give iOS 14 the smartest makeover ever.

In iOS 14, Siri’s confirmation notification for tasks assigned to her will not take up the whole screen. They will be pop-up notifications at the top of the phone instead.

“Siri will be able to send audio messages on iMessage in the forthcoming iOS update”

Quickwitted with minimum effort

The significant change that Apple introduced to iOS 14 by far is the addition of automatic speech recognition (ASR) within its Dictate feature-on device. Siri will no longer require a cloud connection to translate our speech to text anymore. She’ll be able to do it directly, without having to send our voice to Apple servers for processing. Sweet!

Seamless translations at no cost

Apple decided to pose fierce competition to Google Assistant by introducing the translate feature. We can now translate foreign languages into our own, and vice versa-even in landscape mode.

It also has a ‘Conversation Mode’ which allows users and Siri to have a continuous, translatory conversation. We can speak to Siri in our language, and she shall reply in the language we intend her to, without an internet connection.

Siri has gotten more intelligent and compact. With new Apple iOS 14 updates, we can now keep switching through apps and scrolling through Instagram without having to halt every now and then for her assistance. We won’t be lost in foreign land anymore, thanks to Siri. She can translate our speech without an internet connection, and convert it to text without sending it to the cloud. She has gotten subtle, providing her utmost from under the covers. Apple might be late to a few updates, but we cannot deny that they are better than ever.

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