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Leading Blockchain VC Fund NEM Ventures Announces Investment in Chile’s SharpShark to Empower Creators With a Copyright and Intellectual Property Timestamping Solution 



The venture capital and investment arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem NEM Ventures has made a strategic investment in blockchain-powered timestamping solution SharpShark who protect creators’ copyrights while enabling the transfer and tokenization of intellectual property, and the auto-monitoring of violations.

Built on Symbol by NEM, SharpShark provides a decentralized solution to protect text and image copyrights — by timestamping, saving in full, and tokenizing intellectual property. SharpShark is designed for creators ranging from writers, academics and journalists to photographers, artists and designers. The solution publishes the digital signature of the text and images to the Symbol blockchain alongside the author details to prove authorship, always according to GDPR policy. The data is then stored in an immutable form.

Commenting on the investment, Kailin O’Donnell, Co-Founder and General Partner at NEM Ventures:

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“Existing timestamping solutions have fallen short and copyright deposits are extremely costly. SharpShark’s digital timestamping service records artwork, aiming to protect creators’ moral rights to their work by detecting plagiarism and copyright infringement. We believe that all makers should have full control over their creations, and are aligned with SharpShark’s mission to create a fair and equitable solution for protecting intellectual property.”

SharpShark has a suite of potential use cases spanning media, academia and user-generated content platforms. Writers and journalists can detect plagiarism, prevent copyright violations and generate a portfolio of their intellectual property. This enables media outlets to monetize content by combining anti-plagiarism detection and timestamping into one unified solution. Further, academics have the ability to eliminate academic misconduct and establish a priority of findings. Additionally, creatives such as photographers, artists, designers can utilize SharpShark to prove authorship and effectively track their creations in one consolidated space. 

Sasha Ivanova, CEO and Co-Founder of SharpShark, commented:

“As long-standing members of the blockchain community, we’ve followed the NEM project for years, and the Symbol blockchain suits perfectly for intellectual property management. Symbol has a layered architecture that enables trustlessness, and performance optimisation, which was a natural fit for our solution. We’re excited to work with the NEM Ventures team to further develop our product, with the aim of making copyright and intellectual property protection more accessible and equitable.”

As the venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem, NEM Ventures promotes the growth of NEM technology through strategic investment in meaningful, high-tech projects. Symbol, a performant, scalable and feature-rich protocol upgrade of NEM’s enterprise blockchain, is due to launch later this year.

Valeriia Panina, Co-Founder and Product Designer of SharpShark, concluded:

“Unfortunately, current copyright laws are outdated and ineffective. In fact, The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was passed 134 years ago, with the last alterations made in 1971. Currently, the copyright symbol (©) makes no difference – but it should!  Our solution caters to the digital era, at a time when an upgrade to intellectual property laws is paramount.” 

To see how Blockchain intellectual property protection works, check out the example certificate on the SharpShark website.  

NEM Ventures is the venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem. Specialising in high tech investments, NEM Ventures promotes the growth of the ecosystem through strategic investments in projects which align with the ethos of the NEM community. NEM Ventures was mandated by the community in a public vote to manage a pool of reserved funds to meet these aims. NEM Ventures focuses on projects which demonstrate a truly differentiated product, the ability to generate positive net income in the medium term, and founders who showcase the desire to move the blockchain ecosystem forward. Founded in 2018, NEM Ventures comprises a small, highly motivated team of investment and technology professionals. 

SharpShark was founded by Sasha Ivanova, an IT-engineer, award-winning writer and one of CoinTelegraph Latam’s ‘Top-100 Blockchain Entrepreneurs’, and Valeriia Panina, a crypto native content designer and former Managing Editor of an analytical agency.

To-date, SharpShark has tested their solution with Cispen, the journalists’ union and the project is currently participating in the Start-Up Chile Seed acceleration program.  SharpShark is a blockchain-powered timestamping service that helps protect copyrights and enables the transfer of intellectual property.

Built on NEM Symbol, SharpShark protects text and image copyrights by timestamping, saving in full, and tokenizing intellectual property. Designed for creators including journalists, academics and journalists, the solution publishes the digital signature of the text and images to the Symbol blockchain alongside the author details to prove authorship, and then stores data off-chain in an immutable form. SharpShark aims to create fair and equitable copyright and timestamping solution for the digital era. 

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