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AI Jenny : The Data Science Chatbot that will make you go crraazzzyyyy | by Gautam Rajesh Shelley | Jul, 2020


Gautam Rajesh Shelley

AI Jenny — The ultimate partner you actually needed in your Journey of becoming a Data Scientist !

Remember surfing through internet on over thousands of resources to find the difference between machine learning and data science. Moreover going over and over through google to find the right resources from where to start learning Data Science from ?


Then came the urge to have someone who can guide “you”, specifically “you” with your queries and doubts. Yes ! Because you are unique and your doubts are too !

And again you couldn’t find someone easily !

While all this was going in your life, figured out that, we are all the same. Just different people, different doubts, different queries but with the same goal — BECOMING A DATA SCIENTIST !

and to help you become a Data Scientist — AI Jenny jumps to your help !

“What is AI jenny” might be your first question, Wait …let me rephrase this

WHO IS AI JENNY ? is the right Question !

Ai Jenny is an Artificial Intelligence based Chat Assistant that guides you with the best resources on Data Science, Machine Learning & Big Data. It is a collection of the best content on the internet which included In-Chat Videos, Definitions and a lot more.

Ai Jenny contains a glossary of over 500 words around Data Science and is growing it’s database more and more !

Along with that, you surf for the best projects, books, tools and also the differences between various confusing terminologies.

It actually showcases one of the best use cases of Conversational AI and how conversational Ai can be used in Education. Being a Smart Chatbot powered by NLP, it understands human language easily and guided learners fluidly.

There are various slide-show and buttons for smooth navigation and the best part ?

You can just type in your query and you have the answer instantly !

1. Top 5 Music Bots for Discord and Telegram

2. GUIDE: How to Create a (damn cool) Multi-Language Chatbot with Manychat

3. A Powerful Chatbot CMS Solution for Conversational Chatbots

4. Platforms, NLP Systems, and Courses for Voice Bots and Chatbots

Ai jenny is the perfect assistant learners needed when it comes to getting all the information at one place and kick-off their learning instantly.

What more can you do with Ai Jenny ?

For your doubts, typical queries or life problems — AI Jenny is connected to over 100 Industry Experts. All You need to do is submit your Query and you’ll recieve an answer in the next 72 hours !

Isn’t that amazing, getting the basics right, connecting with Industry experts. What more could one ask for ?

Yes ! There’s one more thing that everyone felt !


This is quite another big struggle, you never know where to start from and which course suits you !


When I say Personalised , I mean Personalised.

AI Jenny asks you a few questions and preferences to generate your profile. And suggests you the best courses to pursue according to your profile !

Isn’t that a complete thing now ?

Basics , Industry Connect & Personalised Course Suggestions !

By and by AI Jenny is releasing the top news segment and a library of cool resources for learners.

It’s now time to Chat with AI Jenny & extend your knowledge in the field of Data Science !

You can Access it here :

Currently available only on browser, very it will launched on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa too !

Making it easier for users to interact and get the best content instantly !

The best part that, What Ai Jenny actually does for you above all is — CURATION

Curated content, Curated Courses, Curated Experts !

Someone actually took the struggle to curate content for you.

And it’s Absolutely FREE to access ! What are you waiting for ? Chat with AI Jenny and let us know in the comments section what more would you like to see in Future on AI Jenny !

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