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Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera.

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is home security camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

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Law firms leveraging chatbots to keep remote workers safe and informed about the latest firm updates | by KLoBot — the Best AI-Chatbot builder platform | Jul, 2020

KLoBot — the Best AI-Chatbot builder platform

COVID-19 outbreak has shifted the working patterns, leading to a significant increase in remote working. Work from home has rapidly become a chosen way of doing business across industries, including the legal industry. A virtual law firm is the next big thing to accomplish law firm administration functions from billing, collections to client assistance.

During times like these where the world is facing lockdown, remote assistance and monitoring services have seen a significant increase in demand. These systems play an important role in ensuring uninterrupted legal services and making informed business decisions.

Attorneys deal with hundreds of documents that make their task more time-consuming.

Lack of internal efficiency (around 60% of the law firms are struggling with a lack of internal efficiency).

A lot of time spent on tedious administrative tasks.

A new subset of client expectations.

Lack of digital collaboration tools.

Compliance remains one of the top challenges for legal firms.

Ineffective employee communication

Like several other industries, the pandemic’s effect has forced the legal industry to speed up the automation of processes. Most law firms have started investing heavily in automation and cloud technologies to reduce expenses and increase productivity in the workplace.

With the shift towards remote working, law firms are concentrating on infrastructure, including IT hardware, software, and cybersecurity measures to aid collaboration and measure staff performance.

On an immediate basis, several law firms are migrating to simpler solutions, including chatboats, DMS, and other back-end processing automation solutions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the value of chatbots for law firms, enabling them to streamline internal processes. Many legal organizations are leading the charge in deploying chatbots for providing the latest firm updates to their employees from a range of devices.

An internal chatbot can help law firms keep their employees informed and ensures standard and simple communications reach all employees.

Chatbots act as a single source of truth for all the news and notifications being sent to employees. Legal chatbots during the Coronavirus crisis empower law firms to instantly respond to employees’ questions related to office visits, software purchases, and other HR-related queries.

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Law firms are leveraging chatbots as the corporate source of knowledge for their employees, enabling lawyers and attorneys to effectively audit and obtain relevant documents. AI-enabled chatbots make legal firms better equipped to harness the opportunities and gain a competitive edge. These chatbots are the simple and easy way to answer all the questions; the lawyers might have, related to meetings, projects, travel, work from home (WFH), etc.

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