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Building and scaling blockchain solutions for good


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When inspiration strikes, you go for it! That was just what I did a couple of years ago when I was working as chief-of-staff for the blockchain chief marketing officer. I was intrigued, not only by blockchain as an emerging technology, but by the prospect that it would be a game changer for doing social good as well as for addressing an array of business needs for tracking, trust and transparency across many industries. I shared my vision for blockchain for social good and requested working on projects to progress those kinds of use cases. My boss complied, and working for a technology leader like IBM, it is personally gratifying when the company’s values align with your own to deliver a positive difference as much as possible.

This has been a year where people and corporations have been jolted into thinking about basic human needs and priorities, and the realization to not take anything for granted. Everywhere we look, there are challenges in search of technology solutions. With healthcare being stretched to new boundaries and supply chain challenges beyond what anyone could have imagined, we see an increase in the need for true, verifiable data at crucial times.

Learn how innovative companies and individuals use blockchain for social good

Whether sharing time-sensitive data for critical health statistics and needed resources, to meeting essential supply chain demands, the value of AI, data analytics, and blockchain solutions is surely relevant and elevated to meet needs at this unprecedented time. Transparency to supply chain, speed and efficiency to access, and trust and reliability are no doubt the tenets of time-sensitive solutions.

Investing in people to drive innovation

Open architecture technology drives innovation. IBM has a long and continuing history of investing people and resources in open source technologies like The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, Apache, Eclipse and more. The benefits meet client needs, desired outcomes and long-term possibilities. The recent acquisition of Red Hat reinforces the position of IBM in prioritizing open source for secure, industry-leading mission-critical applications.

In June of this year, we were excited to announce the availability of IBM Blockchain Platform 2.5 on IBM Z and LinuxONE. Also recently announced was the availability of Red Hat OpenShift for IBM Z and LinuxONE, which has opened the door to even more deployment options for IBM Blockchain Platform. Customers now have the ability to deploy IBM Blockchain Platform on their IBM Z or LinuxONE with Red Hat Open Shift Platform 4.3, leveraging the flexibility and ease of use of both Open Shift and IBM Blockchain Platform, on world class enterprise infrastructure.

Alternatively, for clients that opt to use the IBM Certified Docker images for Hyperledger Fabric, they can choose to deploy their blockchain network to IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers on-premises, which provides a locked-down environment for blockchain workloads that need the highest level of data security and protection against insider threats.

Providing the right tools for innovation

Blockchain technology, more than ever, is providing much needed solutions to help different entities to collaborate, with visibility to supply, speed and efficiency to access critical resources, to improve supply chain management, with critical trust, trackability and reliability. The value of enterprise blockchain capabilities deployed to IBM Z or LinuxONE allows clients to take use cases to new levels of scalability, performance and security.

IBM Blockchain Platform is available as a perpetual software license or as a managed service offering on IBM Cloud and as a multicloud offering that can be deployed in any environment — private, public or hybrid multicloud, or on-premises behind your firewall to meet data residency requirements. Make the best of all possible worlds.

I encourage you to hear how an IBM Business Partner and 2020 Blockchain Trailblazer Beacon Award winner Cognition Foundry approaches a technology mix to help their clients reach their goals, by building the technology they need. In this case, during the CoinDesk panel discussion, client Investors in Community connects charities with aligned corporations and verifies their impact to community needs. Be sure to register now.

How to get started with IBM Blockchain now

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