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How to Build Coronavirus Chatbot + Free Sample | by Parth Shrivastava | Aug, 2020


For building a Coronavirus chatbot for your business, you will require a set of tools. First, you will need a bot builder platforms such as Dialogflow or Kompose by Kommunicate. Second, you will need a platform that can help you put the chatbot on your website and apps, and manage the customer conversations. One such platform is Kommunicate. All of these above tools are free to use and come with a free trial.

Dialogflow is an easy-to-use tool even for less tech-savvy users. Signups for Dialogflow and create your Agent (that’s what they call a chatbot in Dialogflow). Now, under that Agent, you can build your Intents.

1. Conversational AI: Code/No Code

2. Chatbots 2.0: Simplifying Customer Service with RPA and AI

3. Question Answering on Medical conversation

4. Automating WhatsApp with NLP: Complete guide

The best part is — you can also add rich messaging elements in your chatbot. Again, you need not have the technical knowledge to add rich messages. In the Responses section, click the “+” icon, choose Google Assitant, and a list of rich messages you can add will open. Here’s detailed information about the same. We have prepared a step-by-step video to help you out with it:

Most of the businesses have FAQs and knowledge-base for helping their customers. You would ideally want your chatbot to cover your FAQs as well. Dialogflow has a great feature that lets you connect your knowledge-base and FAQs automatically. Dialogflow can source the FAQs from your chatbot and answer customer questions if the intent matches. Learn more about how to connect your FAQ page with your chatbot here.

The tough part is over. Since bots can be as smart as you can make them, put a considerable amount of time to build one — covering all your use cases. Now let’s put the chatbot on your website and add it to your customer support suite. We will be using Kommunicate for the same.

We discussed the integrated customer support suite in the previous sections. Let’s talk about how important it is for the overall customer experience. What happens when a user asks a question that chatbot doesn’t understand? You would not like to keep the user dangling in that broken experience.

Times are a-changing, and so should the practices with it. Automation and chatbots in customer support are must-haves for modern and remote customer support teams. In this post, we learned how to make a Coronavirus chatbot and deploy it on your website. It’s time to leverage conversation AI in your business practices.

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