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All New Nest Smart Speaker — Everything You Wished for | by Tapaan Chauhan | Aug, 2020


Tapaan Chauhan

ictures and a short video of the new Nest smart speaker went viral recently, and we can’t stop gushing about it. Managing to be the talk of the town, this smart speaker is all that you have ever yearned for.

Google decided to share a high-quality picture and a short video of its upcoming speaker.

Days ago, a grainy, unclear picture of their upcoming new Nest smart speaker went viral, thanks to their accidental reveal of the Federal Communications Commission file.

However, the recent posts do not quite give away much information. Rumor has it, that the upcoming smart speaker will be the replacement of the discontinued Google Home.

The sliced cylinder look of Google Home is discontinued in the upcoming smart speaker. Instead, the new Nest smart speaker, code-named “Prince”, shall represent a rounded rectangle.

Its exteriors will be fabricated with denim fabric, and it will come in a wide array of color options. Also, instead of the plastic shiny finish that the predecessor flaunted, this one will have a fabric clothed body with four dots of Google smart devices visible on the side.

The upcoming smart speaker is speculated to jell well with the style of the Google Nest Hub Max, Mini and Hub devices.

The new Nest smart speaker flaunts a subtle design, and its design stays in sync and blends beautifully with the background throughout the teaser video.

Thanks to its numerous color options, it won’t be hard for consumers to find one that matches their home’s interiors.

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The leaked file mentioned that the device’s size is presumably 21 centimeters, a little over eight inches, to be precise. It will have a microphone switch and power plug beside the Google logo at the back. The speaker shall also offer multiple speakers set up, just like Google Home Max.

As the new Nest smart speakers are smaller in size, it’s quite probable that Google has enhanced its audio power from its original Google Home. Quite akin to Sonos or Bose stereo system, Google has yet to unleash its price.

People are hoping that the price would be significantly less than the Google Nest Max smart display, which costs around $229. The official release date has not been out either, but it is supposed to be by the end of this year.

However, we can’t set that on stone as the pandemic has left a lot of launch dates of a lot of products uncertain.

The new Nest smart speaker will also have more memory and processing power than its predecessor. It will come handy in configuring the upcoming Google Assistant enhancements.

New features such as native support for more sensors and no need of setting up the Voice Match make these devices way more secure.

“You can even shop with the help of Voice Match, without a worry about its security or safety”

The brand new Nest smart speaker shall mark the official unveiling of the next-generation products Google is set to bring to the table.

Google is ceaselessly focused on the smart home market, especially during this pandemic when people are staying indoors. Smart home automation and digitized communication have become the sole source of communication and convenience.

oogle is bound to revolutionize the smart home automation market with its new releases.

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