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BlockpARTy — celebrating blockchain visionaries through art


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blockchain art

Although blockchain can reshape the world of business relationships for the better, no one company can make that happen alone. Thanks to our visionary clients, the world is seeing the art of innovation come to life in new ways of using blockchain for business. The beneficiaries are the participants in these new networks, their consumers, and even the world.

To celebrate this vision, we commissioned five contemporary artists to interpret key blockchain objectives our clients have achieved in their transformative work with us: consumer confidence and trust, transparent supply, food safety and provenance, sustainability, and efficiency.

Blockparty is the result. It’s a five-part series of virtual events that spotlight the art, the artists and the innovators. The first episode, which debuts on 19 August, features artist Jerry Business, aka Jeremy LaCroix, and his interpretation of consumer confidence and trust. Included in the episode is an interview with two visionaries: Todd Cooper of NuArca and Benjamin DuBois from Nestle.

Join the IBM Food Trust ecosystem for a smarter, safer, more sustainable food system

Meet the artist

Jerry Business is a photographer, designer, painter, singer and storyteller based out of San Francisco who has been creating underground art in one form or another for over 25 years. Jeremy LaCroix, his alter ego, is an accomplished design leader having worked for such brands as Wired, CBS Interactive, ServiceNow, Huffington Post, Forbes and AOL.

The inspiration: Consumer confidence and trust

The way a product or service is portrayed by marketers is an art form. But what if we could go beyond imagery, words and packaging to deliver the real story behind that product or service?

IBM Blockchain is uniquely positioned to help, adding verifiable truth to the story of the product’s journey from source to consumer or the provisioning of the service. It becomes a story people can believe in and trust, increasing their confidence in a brand or the organization delivering the service.

The interpretation

Jerry chose photography as his medium for interpreting the theme of consumer confidence and trust. His approach juxtaposes real-life settings with miniature toys to capture the intimacy of a moment. In his work for Blockparty, titled Authenticity in the Marketplace, he’s showing us four moments of truth from IBM client solutions that represent this new era in consumer confidence.

The first shows a shopper knowing she’s making the right decision for her family after scanning a QR package code and being shown the journey of the product from source to shelf. The middle two show olives harvested from trees and scallops being pulled from the ocean, two products that are tracked on blockchain today to protect against counterfeiting. The final image illustrates car buyers driving off the lot knowing that the mileage on the gauge is accurate and true.

“Imagine if blockchain could tell you the whole history of a car you were purchasing.” – Jerry Business, artist

Jerry’s work, filmed on exhibit at 111 Mina Gallery in San Francisco, shows us how massive amounts of blockchain data distill down to a single point in time, making this technology personal, approachable and relatable.

The visionaries

Why is consumer confidence and trust more important than ever in today’s world? It’s a question that both Todd Cooper and Benjamin Dubois answer from their real-world experience building blockchain-based solutions.

Todd Cooper is CEO and Founder of NuArca, a venture studio that teamed with IBM to implement a blockchain network to transform proxy voting. It works by preserving anonymity of voters — particularly those who want change — while ensuring trust through a transparent and auditable voting process.

Benjamin Dubois manages the digital transformation of Nestle’s global supply chain, including the company’s participation in IBM Food Trust and membership on the Food Trust Advisory Council. The company is using Food Trust for traceability of several products, including instant mashed potatoes, infant formula and coffee.

The conversation is moderated by Jerry Cuomo, Vice President of Blockchain Technology at IBM, and me, Nigel Gopie, Director of AI Applications and Blockchain marketing, your series host. Join us for this rare opportunity to hear industry leaders share how they helped persuade their organizations and their trading partners to enter into radically new relationships cemented by blockchain.

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