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Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience?


Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience?

Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 1

Back in 2019, at Invent conference held in Las Vegas, Amazon unveiled it’s Amazon Contact Lens. It is a virtual call center product for Amazon Connect. It basically transliterates outcalls as well as assesses them at the same time.

After a prolonged wait of about a month, Contact Lens launched on the 23rd of July. It’s available in the US East(N.Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt), EU (London), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo).

In a simple language, it’s basically available in the Amazon Web Service regions. They are to be made available in additional states and regions later this year!

Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 2

Why did Amazon Connect Lens Roll Out Now?

Due to these tough times when people have to stay trapped behind locked doors of their own homes, Amazon Contact Lens has come to our rescue. Acclaimed companies are adopting Amazon Contact Lens to ease out their business and managerial procedures during this global lockdown. And let’s be honest, Covid-19 has accelerated the need for AI-powered contact center messaging.

How does Amazon Contact Lens Work?

Amazon has claimed that the Amazon Contact Lens is fully powered and based on the same technologies that it uses for its own customer services. The whole foundation on Amazon Contact Lens’ technology lies in AI and machine learning.

With the help of this technology, companies and understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations. And the best part about it all is that all of these shall happen simultaneously while conducting a full-text search on call transcripts!

Supervisors can use Amazon Contact Lens to view progress reports and analytics while the call is still on. According to possible rumors, the Amazon Contact Lens will soon have a feature to notify supervisors of issues and discrepancies that might happen during the call so that they can raise an immediate concern.

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They can intervene or interrupt a call when they see a customer having a poor experience.

What Technology Does Amazon Contact Lens Work Upon?

Amazon Contact Lens leverages deep learning to make it easier for the supervisors to search for voice interactions based on call content. They can even pick out conversation characteristics such as long pauses, talk speed, customer and agent interruptions, and so forth.

This technology also leverages natural language processing, which helps in pointing out problematic transcript words and phrases. This helps in uncovering issues regarding customer outreach, thanks to Amazon Contact Lens.

Can Businesses Apply Their Own Touch?

Amazon Contact Lens also provides metadata such as transcriptions, sentiment, and categorization tags in Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket. They are present in a well-defined schema, Amazon notes.

This allows businesses to export this information and use tools like Amazon QuickSight or Tableau to couple their personalized services with it to make their customer experience even better.

How Does Amazon Contact Lens Make Customer Experience Better?

Amazon Contact Lens also lets supervisors monitor their agent-customer interactions, check the agent’s compliance towards the customer’s wishes, whether they are adhering to the guidelines of the script or not, and much more!

Amazon Contact Lens can also detect revelations of potentially personal data or information, such as asking of names, addresses, Social Security numbers etc. The AI immediately raises a concern, letting the supervisors intervene.

Future Developments:

Amazon has also confessed that in the near future, Amazon Contact Lens will have its own dashboard. It will show the sentiment progression of all the live calls.

It will constantly update as the interactions build-up and will allow supervisors to follow it simultaneously. This will give them an opportunity to interrupt or intervene if need be, and improve the customer call experience.

More Surprises in Store?

And let’s be honest, this pandemic even though Earth’s been shut down, Amazon has been on a roll. Recently, Amazon and Techstars revealed their Alexa 2020 Next Stage. And we can’t wait to see what more Amazon has in store for us!

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Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 3

Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 4
Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 5
Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 6

Amazon Contact Lens — How Does It Improve Customer Experience? 7

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