About Us

Welcome to technewsdestination

First and foremost I like to thank you for visiting technewsdestination.com. For being here I really appreciate it and its means a lot to me, I created this website due to my love for tech and anything tech related, I created this website so that tech enthusiast like me can follow what’s happening in the tech field, the latest news and also to know the right people to follow in the tech world.

Who was this website created for?

This site is for anyone looking for latest tech news, inventions and more, the website is like a directory of tech related news, which leads to the original creator who you can follow if you like his/her content

How did I start the website

I started the website to allow people to read latest tech news from different sources and to be able to follow the people they like in the tech field, these are different articles from various blogs I go frequently to catch up on what’s going on in the tech world, after I decided to simply pull their content onto the site to share to everyone. This way it’s a win-win for the content creators and visitors like me.

All the content is credited to the original creator.

Its can be overwhelming, so my vision is to create a community where people can know more about tech and online marketing, know what is happening and to follow the people in the tech world.

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